Windows Phone Internals 2.2 can unlock all Lumia phones (root, custom ROMs, and more)

Microsoft may have pretty much given up on Windows Phone, but if you’ve got a Lumia smartphone running Windows Phone software there’s a new tool that you can use to unlock the bootloader and flash custom firmware. About two years after releasing a version of Windows Phone Internals that could unlock some Lumia devices running […]

Microsoft kills Word Flow keyboard for iOS to focus on SwiftKey

Smartphones that run Windows may not be very popular these days, but you can get a taste of Microsoft on iOS or Android by installing some of the company’s apps for those platforms, including Cortana, Bing, and Office. Up until recently, iPhone users could even install Microsoft’s Word Flow keyboard to get a typing experience […]

Even Microsoft thinks you don’t need a LinkedIn app for Windows Phone… and Microsoft owns LinkedIn

LinkedIn is reportedly emailing users of its Windows phone app to let them know that the app will stop working after August 31st. On the one hand, this is just the latest story about an app developer pulling the plug on support for Microsoft’s smartphone operating system, which has a nearly insignificant market share. On […]

Microsoft saw “negligible revenue” from phone hardware in Q2

Microsoft hasn’t officially pulled the plug on Windows Phone hardware yet, but things aren’t looking particularly good: during the company’s second-quarter earnings call Microsoft Chief Financial Officer Amy Hood went over the revenue generated by different parts of the company. When it came to Windows Phone devices she said to expect a decline due to “negligible […]

Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update is now rolling out (for some phones)

The Windows 10 Creators Update for desktop and notebook computers began rolling out a few weeks ago. Now the update is making its way to Windows 10 Mobile smartphones. Well, some Windows 10 Mobile phones anyway. Only 13 phones are officially getting the update. Like the Creators Update for PCs, the new version of Windows […]

Microsoft: Windows 10 Creators Update only coming to 13 phones (officially)

Microsoft recently began rolling out the Windows 10 Creators Update to PC users. But what about phones? The company has an update for those too… but only a handful of phones will get it… kind of. Only 13 existing phones are getting an official update from Windows 10 Anniversary Update to the Windows 10 Creators […]

Would you buy a $300 Windows Phone with Continuum support? (Cerulean Moment hits Indiegogo)

Microsoft may be continuing to crank out updates to its Windows 10 Mobile operating system, but there are only a handful of phones that actually run the software at this point, and soon Microsoft will even begin selling Android phones that run some Microsoft apps. So is there really any demand for new Windows phones? Or […]

Dell Stack smartphone would have also been a laptop, tablet, and desktop PC

A few days after showing a series of pictures of a Windows smartphone that had been under development by Dell, Evan Blass has a more detailed look at the phone/PC hybrid that never made it to market. It was called Dell Stack, and it wasn’t just a phone… it would have been a whole ecosystem of […]

HP Elite x3 smartphone sells for $699 without the desktop dock ($100 off)

The HP Elite x3 is the most powerful Windows smartphone to date… but it’s also the most expensive, thanks to a $799 price tag. That price includes a desktop docking station though. So how much would you save if you bought the phone without the dock? About $100. Windows Central notes that the HP Elite x3 […]

Microsoft now selling HP Elite x3 for $799 (or other Windows phones for far less)

The Microsoft Store is now selling the HP Elite x3 for $799. With a 6 inch, 2560 x 1440 pixel AMOLED display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, a fingerprint reader, and iris recognition, it’s the most powerful Windows smartphone to date. But it’s also one of the most expensive. […]

Alcatel Idol 4 Pro leaked: Windows phone with Snapdragon 820

After launching the well-received Idol 3 smartphone in 2015, Alcatel added two new Android smartphones to the Idol family this summer: the $350 Idol 4S and the $200 Idol 4. Neither phone has what I’d describe as killer specs, but they’re reasonably affordable phones, especially when you consider that they ship in a box that […]