WPInternals goes open source (Windows Phone hacking tool)

Windows Phone is pretty much dead at this point. But if you happen to have an old device running Windows 10 Mobile or Windows Phone 8 you might be able to breathe a little extra life into it by using a tool called WPInternals that lets you jailbreak/root the device and modify key portions of […]

Now you can install Windows RT on recent Lumia phones (if you dare)

It’s been a few weeks since a new build of Windows Phone Internals made it possible to unlock the bootloader for most Lumia smartphones, and ever since the tool was released, developers have been finding ways to do crazy things like cram a desktop/tablet version of Windows onto phone-sized devices. Developer Ben Wang has made a […]

Windows Phone Internals 2.3 released, unlocks all Lumia bootloaders

Microsoft may have largely abandoned its Lumia smartphones with Windows software. But if you’ve got one lying around now you can unlock the bootloader and root the phone. As promised last month, the developer of Windows Phone Internals has released a new version that can unlock and root just about any Lumia device. Windows Phone […]

Windows Phone Internals 2.2 can unlock all Lumia phones (root, custom ROMs, and more)

Microsoft may have pretty much given up on Windows Phone, but if you’ve got a Lumia smartphone running Windows Phone software there’s a new tool that you can use to unlock the bootloader and flash custom firmware. About two years after releasing a version of Windows Phone Internals that could unlock some Lumia devices running […]

Windows Phone Internals opens door for root, custom ROMs on Lumia phones

Some folks like to hack their smartphones to add support for apps and features that wouldn’t otherwise be available. That’s why there’s a community of iOS users that jailbreak their devices (or find new ways to do so), and a huge community of Android users rooting their phones and tablets, unlocking bootloaders, and installing custom […]