Pour one out for Windows 10 Mobile as it reaches end of support

Microsoft’s next smartphone is expected to ship next year, and when it does, the Microsoft Surface Duo will be running Google’s Android operating system. That’s a shift from the company’s earlier strategy — Microsoft used to make its own smartphone operating systems. But over the past decade the market share for Windows phones has diminished […]

MobileShell makes Windows on ARM more smartphone-friendly

Now that Windows 10 Mobile is dead, Microsoft doesn’t officially make a smartphone operating system anymore. But the company does have a version of Windows 10 designed for tablets and laptops with ARM-based processors… and hackers have been finding ways to make it run on smartphones for the past year or so. But while it’s gotten […]

Installing Windows 10 on a Lumia 950 XL smartphone just got a lot easier

Now that there’s a desktop version of Windows 10 designed to run on laptops and tablets with ARM processors, it’s unsurprising that a handful of hackers have found ways to shoehorn Windows 10 onto old smartphones that had originally shipped with Windows Mobile software. But up until now it’s been pretty tough to follow along […]

Windows 10 Mobile has less than a year to live (Support ends Dec, 2019)

Windows 10 Mobile has been mostly dead for a while. Microsoft pulled the plug on the Windows Insider Preview program for phones a year ago and there haven’t been any major updates to the operating system since then (or any major new smartphones shipping with it either). And app developers have been jumping ship — […]

Pretty much every recent Windows Phone is now hackable

Microsoft has abandoned Windows 10 Mobile for the most part, but if you have a relatively recent Windows Phone it may now be possible to hack it. A tool called WPInternals already made it possible to jailbreak or root most Lumia-branded smartphones that shipped with Windows software. But now gus3300 and Rafael Rivera have demonstrated […]

WPInternals goes open source (Windows Phone hacking tool)

Windows Phone is pretty much dead at this point. But if you happen to have an old device running Windows 10 Mobile or Windows Phone 8 you might be able to breathe a little extra life into it by using a tool called WPInternals that lets you jailbreak/root the device and modify key portions of […]

Google’s only app for Windows 10 Mobile stops working

Windows-powered smartphones have had declining market share for years, and at this point even Microsoft has pretty much given up on its own Windows 10 Mobile operating system (although it will continue to offer security updates for a little longer). So it’s not surprising that developers of third-party apps have largely abandoned the platform as […]

Windows Phone Internals 2.3 released, unlocks all Lumia bootloaders

Microsoft may have largely abandoned its Lumia smartphones with Windows software. But if you’ve got one lying around now you can unlock the bootloader and root the phone. As promised last month, the developer of Windows Phone Internals has released a new version that can unlock and root just about any Lumia device. Windows Phone […]