This is why you don’t see cheap Windows devices with 8GB of RAM (specs for cheap Windows licenses)

Microsoft offers Windows licenses for free to makers of tablets with 9 inch or smaller displays… but the company also offers deep discounts for makers of low-end notebooks, 2-in-1 devices, stick PCs, and all-in-one desktops. So if you’ve ever wondered why all cheap Windows devices seem to have extraordinarily similar specs, here’s the answer: because […]

MeegoPad T01 PC Stick ships with unlicensed Windows 8.1

The MeegoPad T01 is one of the smallest computers available with an Intel processor and Windows 8.1 software. Unfortunately it turns out it doesn’t come with a licensed version of Windows. Retailers started selling the MeegoPad T01 and similar devices in November, and now that customers are starting to receive their units it’s become clear that […]