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Security researches bypass Windows Hello fingerprint authentication due to “multiple vulnerabilities”

A growing number of Windows laptops feature fingerprint sensors with support for Microsoft’s Windows Hello technology. The idea is to let users login quickly by tapping a finger against the sensor rather than typing in a password or PIN. But security researchers at Blackwing Intelligence have found “multiple vulnerabilities” in the implementation of these fingerprint […]

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WSL Hello sudo brings biometric authentication to Windows Subsystem for Linux commands

The Windows Subsystem for Linux allows you to install a Linux distribution on Windows 10 PCs and run Linux applications and commands in a terminal window. The idea is to let developers and power users run Linux utilities on a Windows PC without the need to reboot or open a virtual machine – but it […]

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BIO-key launches USB fingerprint readers (Windows Hello compatible)

Microsoft introduced a new secure login system called Windows Hello with Windows 10. It allows you to login on some devices using a fingerprint reader, facial recognition, or iris scanner. But for up until recently the only way to use Windows Hello was to buy a PC or smartphone that already had the required hardware. […]

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Coming to Windows 10: Unlock your PC using a wearable

Windows Hello is a security feature built into Windows 10 that lets you prevent unauthorized people from logging into your device… but which lets you login without entering a PIN or password. Right now Windows Hello lets you do that via fingerprint, iris, or facial recognition, assuming your device has hardware to support those features. […]