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MS Office will be bundled on small Windows 8 tablets, Free Outlook coming to Windows RT

One of the key differences between a Windows tablet and one that runs Android, iOS, or another operating system is that you can run Microsoft Office on a Windows tablet (along with thousands of other classic Windows apps). Up until recently if you wanted to do that though, you had to buy a copy of […]

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HP Split x2: 13 inch Windows 8 notebook with detachable tablet

HP is expanding its x2 line of tablet/notebook hybrids. Earlier this year the company launched the HP Envy x2 Windows 8 convertible with an 11.6 inch display and an Intel Atom Clover Trail processor. Now HP is adding a larger, more powerful Windows model to the lineup, as well as a cheaper Android convertible. The […]

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Microsoft:100 million Windows 8 licenses sold, upcoming Windows Blue designed with user feedback in mind

It’s been about half a year since Microsoft released Windows 8, and while the OS has received mixed reviews Microsoft has sold quite a few copies. Microsoft’s Tami Reller says that more than 100 million Windows 8 licenses have been sold to date. That doesn’t mean 100 million people pulled out their wallets and bought […]

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Acer to launch 8 inch Windows 8 tablet this fall? (Acer Iconia W3)

Right now there aren’t any Windows 8 tablets available with screens smaller than 10 inches. But that could change later this year, and it looks like one of the first smaller tablets could come from Acer. The company is reportedly working on an 8 inch Windows 8 tablet called the Acer Iconia W3. Some specs […]

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Lilbits (4-10-2013): PC shipments decline, Gmail turns 9…

Smartphone and tablet sales continue to climb, but shipments of traditional PCs is dipping. Are we moving toward a world where laptop and desktop computers are niche products for folks that can’t get by with a more mobile device? It’s a bit too soon to tell, but there’s a reason Intel and Microsoft are striving […]

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Dell plans to launch new Windows 8, Windows RT tablets this year

If Windows RT is a failure, Dell apparently didn’t get the memo. PC World reports that Dell plans to release several new tablets later this year, including models running Windows 8 and Windows RT. The tablets are expected to have 10 inch or larger displays and will be follow-ups to the company’s current XPS 10 […]

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Is it too early to declare Windows RT a failure?

Microsoft invested a lot of time and effort into porting its Windows operating system to run on devices with ARM-based processors as well as computers with x86 chips. The result was the 2012 dual launch of Windows 8 and Windows RT, a stripped-down version of the operating system designed for tablets and other devices with […]

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Microsoft Windows 8 logo changes could pave way for smaller tablets

Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system can run on a wide range of devices with different processors, screen sizes, and display resolutions. But in order to meet Microsoft’s Windows 8 Certification requirements (which lets you slap a Windows 8 logo on your device), you need to meet certain criteria. Until recently one of those criteria was […]

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Pre-release build of Windows Blue (next-gen Windows) leaked

Windows 8 may have launched less than half a year ago, but Microsoft is already working on new versions of its flagship operating system, code-named Windows Blue. And as usual, it hasn’t taken long for leaked copies of Microsoft’s pre-release software to hit the internet. A user at Polish site WinForum has posted pictures showing […]

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Dell XPS 18 takes all-in-one to next level: This desktop is a tablet

All-in-one computers have been around for a few years – Apple arguably invented the space with the first iMac in 1998. All-in-ones typically combine the guts of a computer and the display into a single package, sometimes even adding a touchscreen for good measure. Now we’re starting to see companies take the concept a little […]