Microsoft may only offer upgrade, OEM versions of Windows 8

Right now Microsoft offers several different ways to get Windows 7. You can buy a computer that comes with the operating system preloaded. You can purchase an upgrade disk to move from an earlier version of Windows to Windows 7. You can get an OEM disk that’s meant for system builders, but also often offered […]

Microsoft expects to launch Windows 8 in October

Microsoft’s next-generation operating system for desktop, notebook, and tablet computers is expected to be available in October. Windows RT for devices with ARM processors will be available at the same time. Speaking at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft told partners that the company expects to offer Windows 8 RTM in early August. RTM stands […]

Evigroup ships dual-boot Windows 7, Windows 8 preview tablet

French tablet maker Evigroup is officially one of the first companies to ship a tablet running Windows 8. Actually, the Evigroup SmartPaddle Pro is available with Windows 8 Release Preview and Windows 7 in a dual-boot configuration. That lets users decide which operating system they prefer — and when Windows 8 is released this fall, […]

Texas Instruments shows off a Windows RT notebook prototype

Microsoft’s upcoming Windows RT operating system is designed to run on devices with ARM-based processors including iPad-like tablets. But while most of the prototypes we’ve seen so far are tablets, Windows RT should be able to run on any device with a supported ARM-based chip. Texas Instruments has started showing off a Windows RT notebook prototype from […]