Windows Store update could make finding apps easier

Microsoft is updating  its app store for Windows 8.1 apps with improved navigation and discovery features in the hopes that the reasons you’re not downloading apps from the store is because you’re having trouble finding them… not because you don’t need them. The new Windows Store includes new groups of categories called “collections,” a persistent navigation […]

Microsoft unveils Windows 8.1 Update with emphasis on mouse and keyboard use

Microsoft is updating Windows 8.1 to make it a bit easier to use for people using a notebook or desktop with a mouse and keyboard. While the last few versions of Windows have been designed explicitly to make the operating system more touchscreen-friendly, Microsoft has been a bit criticized for changing the user interface so […]

Windows 8.1 Update 1 released a little early (and then retracted)

Microsoft plans to launch a significant update to Windows 8.1 in April, and the company has already reportedly released the update to manufacturers so they can load up computers that will hit the streets next month. Don’t want to wait that long? Microsoft seems to have prematurely made the software available through its Windows Update […]

Report: Windows 8.1 with Bing could be a free or cheap upgrade for Windows 7

Microsoft is reportedly looking at a new way to get people to upgrade to its latest operating system: offer it for free or close to free. According to The Verge, Microsoft is toying with the idea of releasing “Windows 8.1 with Bing,” a version of the company’s flagship operating system that’s tightly bundled with Bing […]

Windows 8.1 update leak shows a more desktop-friendly experience

Microsoft is expected to introduce an updated version of Windows 8.1 in March, and a leaked pre-release build gives us an idea of what to expect: An operating system that’s a bit easier to use with a keyboard and mouse. Starting with Windows 8, Microsoft has offered two different user interfaces with its flagship operating […]