Upgrade your netbook to Windows Home 7 Premium for $50 starting next week

Almost every netbook that ships with Windows 7 comes with the crippled Windows 7 Starter Edition. Users can’t use Aero Glass desktop effects or even change the desktop background. Windows 7 Starter doesn’t include Windows Media Center or support for multiple monitors. Wikipedia has a good breakdown of all the Windows 7 features you’re missing […]

StarterBackgroundChanger lets you personalize Windows 7 Starter netbooks

Most netbooks ship with Windows 7 Starter Edition, rather than the more expensive Windows 7 Home Premium. And while at the core, these two operating systems are very similar, Microsoft has disabled some features in order to differentiate Windows 7 Starter from higher priced versions of the OS — and to convince some netbook customers […]

Hercules introduces eCafe EC-1000W netbook with Windows 7 Starter

It looks like the question of whether netbook makers will ship machines with the crippled (but cheap) Windows 7 Starter Edition has been resolved. They will. We’ve already learned that the Samsung N130 and N140 netbooks will be available at launch with the stripped down version of Windows 7 instead of the pricier Windows 7 […]

Windows 7 Starter Edition to cost more than Windows XP for netbooks

When Windows 7 is released in October, Microsoft will make the “starter edition” version of the software available in developed countries for the first time. The reason? Because the company wants to give PC makers selling low-cost netbooks a low cost Windows licensing option. Of course, we already knew that. Here’s what we didn’t know: […]

It’ll cost $80 to upgrade a netbook from Windows 7 Starter to Home Premium

Microsoft is giving netbook makers a choice of pre-loading Windows 7 Home Premium or Windows 7 Starter Edition on low price netbooks. My guess is that most computer makers will stick with Windows 7 Starter, which will be much cheaper, unless there’s huge demand for a more powerful operating system. But where does that leave […]