Lilbits 400: Google’s problematic auto-policing of the Play Store and Chrome Web Store

Google has a long history of using computers to do thing that… quite honestly could probably be done better by humans. But it’s easier to scale an algorithm than it is to hire more people. And that leads to situations where an algorithm makes an obviously wrong decision that stays in place until a human […]

Hackers are bringing Windows 10 to the Samsung Galaxy S8 (and other Snapdragon 835 phones)

Windows 10 is the first version of Microsoft’s desktop operating system that’s designed to run on devices with either x86 or ARM processors. But the ARM version is designed for tablets and notebooks rather than smartphones. That hasn’t stopped developers from porting Windows 10 on ARM to run on phones though. Last year developers figured […]

MobileShell makes Windows on ARM more smartphone-friendly

Now that Windows 10 Mobile is dead, Microsoft doesn’t officially make a smartphone operating system anymore. But the company does have a version of Windows 10 designed for tablets and laptops with ARM-based processors… and hackers have been finding ways to make it run on smartphones for the past year or so. But while it’s gotten […]

Mozilla released Firefox beta for Windows 10 on ARM

Microsoft recently announced that it was working with Google to port Chromium to run natively on ARM64 architecture, which means that in addition to the Microsoft Edge web browser, we could see Google Chrome and other related browsers running on Windows 10 Chromebooks with Qualcomm Snapdragon processors. But it looks like Mozilla got there first […]

Sure, why not run Windows 10 on a Nintendo Switch?

Over the past few months we’ve seen developers port Windows 10 to run on smartphones and Raspberry Pi computers. So what’s next? The Nintendo Switch, apparently. Over the weekend, Ben Imbushuo posted a couple of pictures to Twitter showing the progress he’s made getting Microsoft’s desktop operating system to run on Nintendo’s hybrid handheld/living room […]

Now you can run Linux on (some) ARM laptops designed for Windows 10 on ARM

The first Windows 10 laptops and tablets with ARM processors shipped in 2018… to mixed reviews. The Asus NovaGo, HP Envy x2, and Lenovo Miix 630 are relatively thin and light devices with long battery life and support for 4G LTE. But they’re also relatively sluggish computers… especially when Windows has emulate x86 architecture to […]

Microsoft releases tools for creating ARM64 apps for Windows

This year the first Windows 10 computers with ARM processors started shipping. They tend to be thin and light 2-in-1 tablets and convertible laptops with long battery life, fanless designs, and built-in support for 4G LTE. But they also have some limitations. They can run 32-bit or 64-bit apps compiled for ARM architecture, and they […]