Multi-window support coming to Windows 10’s Continuum for phone

Microsoft’s Continuum for phone feature sounds awesome on paper: connect your Windows 10 Mobile smartphone to a display, mouse, and keyboard and you can use it like a desktop PC. In practice, though, the feature has some serious limitations. Only some phones can handle it. Only Windows Store apps are supported. And apps can only […]

Hands-on with the HP Elite x3 smartphone + desktop and notebook docks

The HP Elite x3 is one of the most powerful Windows smartphones to date. It has a 6 inch, high-resolution display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage. But what really makes this phone stand out is that it’s designed to work not only as a mobile phone, but also as […]

HP Elite x3 up for pre-order for $799 (Windows 10 phone with PC-like features)

The HP Elite x3 is a smartphone that you can use like a desktop computer. It runs Windows 10 Mobile and supports Microsoft’s Continuum for phone software, allowing you to connect an external keyboard, mouse, and display to run some apps in a desktop mode. There are a few other phones that can do that, […]

Microsoft release Windows 10 Anniversary Update for mobile

It’s been a few weeks since Microsoft started rolling out the Anniversary Update for desktop, notebook, and tablet computers running Windows 10. Now Microsoft has also released an Anniversary Update for smartphones running Windows 10 Mobile. If you’re one of the relatively small number of folks running Windows 10 on your phone, the update should […]

Windows 10 Anniversary Update hits phones “in the coming weeks”

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Anniversary Update is now available for PCs including laptops, desktops, tablets, and convertibles. But what if you’re one of the small number of people with a Windows 10 Mobile smartphone? You’ll have to wait a little longer. Microsoft says the Anniversary Update will be available for phones “in the coming weeks.” Update: […]

Acer Liquid Jade Primo Windows 10 phone now available for $649 (including dock, keyboard, and mouse)

Acer’s Liquid Jade Primo is a Windows 10 smartphone with support for Continuum software, allowing you to connect it to an external display and run some apps in desktop mode. The smartphone made its debut at CES in January, but the phone didn’t start shipping until April… and that was a European launch. Now the […]

Lenovo launches a Windows 10 smartphone (in Japan)

There aren’t a lot of companies making Windows smartphones anymore, but the list just got a little longer. Lenovo has introduced its first phone powered by Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile operating system. The phone will be available through Japanese wireless carrier SoftBank, which helps explain the phone’s name: SoftBank 503LV. Lenovo and SoftBank are positioning the […]

HP Elite x3 Windows phone/desktop hits the FCC

The HP Elite x3 is a smartphone that you can also use as a desktop computer. It runs Windows 10 Mobile software and supports Microsoft’s Continuum for phone software that lets you connect a keyboard, mouse, and external display to run some apps in desktop mode. But HP is targeting enterprise users: in addition to […]

Tap to pay comes to Windows phones (for Windows Insiders)

Over the past few years we’ve seen a growing number of smartphones that support mobile payments, allowing you to tap your phone against a payment system at the cash register without taking cash or a credit card out of your wallet. Apple’s recent iPhones support Apple Pay. Samsung devices feature Samsung Pay. And a number […]

Microsoft “streamlines” smartphone hardware business to focus on enterprise market

Microsoft has been making smartphone operating systems for just about as long as anyone, and the company started selling its own hardware under the Lumia brand after acquiring Nokia in 2014. But Android and iOS continue to dominate the smartphone market and Gartner estimates that Windows had a market share of just about 1 percent last […]

Windows 10 now supports smaller screens (and Win10 Mobile supports bigger ones)

Microsoft has updated its Windows 10 hardware requirements in a few surprising ways. When the operating system launched last summer, Microsoft released hardware requirements stating that the desktop version of Windows 10 would be able to run on devices with 8 inch or larger screens, and that if you wanted a smaller device, you should opt […]