Windows 10 feature updates now get up to 30 months of support (for Enterprise and Education users anyway)

Microsoft released two major Windows 10 feature updates per year, but if you’re not ready to upgrade right away, the company continues to support older versions for 18 months. That’s not a lot of time compared to the 5 years of support Microsoft offered for earlier versions of Windows, but since Windows 10 updates are […]

Differences between Windows 10 S, Home, Pro, Enterprise, and Education

This week Microsoft introduced a new version of Windows 10 which is designed for education, but available to anyone willing to try an operating system that’s a bit more locked down in exchange for the promise of better performance and security. Windows 10 S can only run apps downloaded from the Windows Store, which limits the […]

Differences between Windows 10 Home, Pro, Enterprise, and Education

Microsoft will start rolling out Windows 10 on July 29th. In the weeks that follow, you’ll be able to update to Windows 10 for free if you’re using a computer that runs Windows 7 or later, buy a new PC with Windows 10 pre-installed, or buy a boxed (or downloadable) copy of Microsoft’s latest operating […]