Windows 10 Anniversary Update brings better support for high-DPI displays (sort of)

There are a growing number of Windows computers with higher-than-1080p displays. Desktop users can buy 4K monitors. Laptop customers have plenty of options for notebooks with 2560 x 1440 pixel, 3200 x 1600 pixel, or even 3840 x 2160 pixel screens. And tablets like the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Asus Transformer 3 Pro also […]

Microsoft release Windows 10 Anniversary Update for mobile

It’s been a few weeks since Microsoft started rolling out the Anniversary Update for desktop, notebook, and tablet computers running Windows 10. Now Microsoft has also released an Anniversary Update for smartphones running Windows 10 Mobile. If you’re one of the relatively small number of folks running Windows 10 on your phone, the update should […]

Windows Insiders might want to leave the preview program (for a while)

Microsoft’s Windows Insider program allows users to test early versions of upcoming software. For most of the past year, that’s meant users could try out early versions of Windows 10 before they were available for wider release and help provide feedback to shape the future of the operating system. Many of those preview features ended […]

Windows 10 Anniversary Update gives you 10 days to roll back to earlier build

Starting with the launch of Windows 10 last year, Microsoft made it easy to roll back to an earlier version of Windows if you encountered problems. The gave users upgrading form Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 about a month to decide whether to roll back the update. But Microsoft says most people didn’t need 30 days to […]

Windows 10 Anniversary Update hits phones “in the coming weeks”

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Anniversary Update is now available for PCs including laptops, desktops, tablets, and convertibles. But what if you’re one of the small number of people with a Windows 10 Mobile smartphone? You’ll have to wait a little longer. Microsoft says the Anniversary Update will be available for phones “in the coming weeks.” Update: […]

What’s new in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update?

Microsoft is beginning to push out the biggest update to Windows 10 since the operating system launched last summer. The Windows 10 Anniversary Update is a free update for anyone running Windows 10, and if you buy a new Windows 10 PC in the future, it’ll probably have the Anniversary Update pre-installed. While the update begins […]

Windows 10 won’t include “Messaging everywhere” feature (but Skype will)

The next major version of Windows 10 is coming August 2nd, but one feature that’s been available to members of the Windows Insider preview program won’t be included: Messaging Everywhere. This is a feature that lets users with a Windows 10 phone and a Windows 10 PC respond to text messages from a computer. It’s been […]

Windows 10 Anniversary Update launches August 2nd

Microsoft has released dozens of updates to Windows 10 since launching the operating system a year ago. But the biggest update yet is coming August 2nd. It’s called Windows 10 Anniversary Update… and it’s not exactly a big surprise. Microsoft already told us about some of the key new features in March, and members of […]

Windows 10 Refresh tool makes clean installs of Windows easier, removes bloatware

Having issues with your computer? One time-tested (and often time-consuming) way of dealing with them is to reinstall your operating system, and Microsoft makes that pretty easy to do in Windows 10 by including a “reset this PC” option in the Recovery section of the Update & Security settings. Resetting the PC will wipe your […]

QR codes make Windows 10 BSOD crashes easier to understand

The Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) has been a part of Windows since the beginning. When a Windows PC encounters a serious problem, the operating system can crash and bring up a blue screen and an error message that provides a few details about what happened… but those details are often pretty much indecipherable to […]

Yes, you can run desktop Linux apps in Windows 10 thanks to Ubuntu on Windows

One of the most surprising new features coming to Windows 10 this summer is “Ubuntu on Windows,” which basically brings a complete Ubuntu Linux file system to Microsoft’s operating system and allows developers to run Bash and command-line apps. But what about desktop apps with a graphical user interface? Officially Windows 10 doesn’t support those. […]

Windows 10 will be able to display Android notifications from your phone

Microsoft is rolling out an “anniversary update” for Windows 10 this summer, and among other things, it’ll include an updated Action Center for notifications and settings. One of the coolest new features? You’ll be able to view and respond to notifications from your phone from Windows… and that’s true whether you’re using a Windows Phone […]