WiMAX 2 to offer blazing fast mobile broadband in 2012

Sure, 4G mobile broadband might still be in its infancy, but the WiMAX Forum is already looking ahead. WiMAX and LTE are just beginning to roll out across the United States, offering faster-than-3G, but not quite revolutionary high speed internet access on the go. But the WiMAX Forum is working on the next-generation WiMAX 2 […]

Best Buy Connect to offer CLEAR WiMAX 4G service

Last month Best Buy launched a new service called Best Buy Connect that lets users sign up for mobile broadband access at select stores across the US. At the time, Best Buy connect only offers 3G wireless plans, but now the company has announced plans to begin offering 4G WiMAX connectivity as well. Best Buy […]

Best Buy to offer notebooks with CLEAR WiMAX modules

CLEAR has announced a partnership with Best Buy which will make WiMAX capable laptops available at Best Buy locations across the US. The goal is to outfit every laptop with an Intel Core series processor that Best Buy sells with a 4G modem by the holiday season. The CLEAR press release only mentions a couple […]

Dell Latitude 2110 netbook with WiMAX stops by the FCC

I don’t know what it is about people taking photos for the Federal Communications Commission, but they always seem to find a way to make products look about as unflattering as possible. the Dell Latitude 2110 business-and-education oriented netbook certainly isn’t the most attractive mini-laptop on the market, thanks to its rather bulky, semi-rugged design. […]

NEC LaVie Light netbook gets WiMAX, faster processor

NEC is showing off an updated version of its LaVie Light netbook. The new model looks a lot like earlier netbooks from the company, but it has a faster processor, additional RAM and hard drive space and a couple of other new features including built in WiMAX mobile broadband support and a high capacity SDXC […]