Lilbits: High-res, high-refresh laptop displays, GIMP turns 25, and a 3D printed smartphone keyboard

Laptops with 4K displays have been around for a few years at this point, and notebooks with screen refresh rates up to 300 Hz are a thing now too. But you know what we haven’t seen much of yet? Laptops with high-res displays and high-refresh rates. Enter a new line of laptops from Eluktronics, which […]

Netgear’s newest Mesh WiFi router is also an Alexa smart speaker

Two of the biggest trends in household consumer electronics have merged in a way that should have seemed obvious: Netgear has released a mesh networking router that’s also a smart speaker. It’s called the Netgear Orbi Voice and in addition to working as a tri-band WiFi router that can be used in conjunction with additional […]

Asus Blue Cave makes the case for WiFi router as art piece

Your home WiFi router might be one of the most important gadgets in your house. But most routers aren’t exactly attractive, so they tend to get hidden away behind furniture or under a desk… which can hurt performance. A handful of companies have tried to make routers that look good enough to earn a prominent […]

Google WiFi mesh router system now available for $130 and up

After dipping its toe in the smart wireless router space last year by partnering with Asus and TP-Link, Google has begun selling its own WiFi routers. The aptly-named Google WiFi is a $130 router that you can set up and control using a smartphone app, making it easier to manage than most traditional routers. If […]

Apple is getting out of WiFi router business (while Google is getting in)

Apple is shutting down its division that makes the company’s AirPort wireless routers, according to a new report from Bloomberg. That shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to any close Apple watchers: the company hasn’t released a new WiFi router in three years. But it is interesting that Apple seems to be getting out of […]

Linksys WRT routers to continue supporting open source firmware (update: Asus too)

The Federal Communications Commission recently adopted rules that required makers of WiFi routers to prohibit users to change some parameters of their devices. And some device makers have decided that the simplest way to comply with those rules is to prevent users from replacing their router’s firmware with third-party alternatives such as OpenWRT or DD-WRT. […]

Starry Station $349 WiFi router looks a lot less fancy on the inside

Starry recently announced plans to offer a high-speed internet service in the United States by delivering wireless broadband signals using millimeter wave band active phased array technology. But the company’s first consumer product will be an expensive WiFi router called the Starry Station. It’s expected to sell for $350 and features a touchscreen display that can […]