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Daily Deals (6-28-2021)

It might not make a lot of sense to upgrade your home network to WiFi 6E at this point, given how few devices are actually compatible with the new standard. But if you’re rocking an old router that’s stuck at WiFi 5 (802.11ac) or below, it’s getting more affordable all the time to make the […]

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WiFi 6 officially launches today

A number of phones, laptops, routers, and other devices are already shipping with WiFi 6 baked in, promising improved speed, capacity, and power efficiency, among other things. But we’ll likely see a whole lot more WiFi 6 devices soon, because the WiFi Alliance says the official WiFi 6 certification program goes live starting today. In a […]

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WiFi 6 is coming next year (faster data, improved efficiency, simpler naming)

Can’t remember whether 802.11ax is faster than 802.11ac or how they both related to 802.11ad? Starting next year, things should get a little easier, because the WiFi Alliance has announced the move to a simpler naming scheme for versions of the wireless data protocol. We’ll start to see the first devices featuring 802.11ax technology in […]