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Lilbits: Surface Studio Book, Fairphone 4, and Honor’s first flagships since leaving Huawei

Microsoft may be preparing to launch an update to its Surface Book line of 2-in-1 devices, but rather than a detachable display, the new model may have an easel-style screen that you can pull forward for pen & graphics work. Fairphone, maker of modular, repairable phones made from ethically sourced materials, may be planning to […]

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Lilbits: Facebook faces antitrust suits, Google plans big changes for Chrome, and Adobe Flash is finally (almost) dead

Facebook wasn’t the first social network – remember MySpace and Friendster? And it’s not exactly the last one standing. Twitter’s still a thing. But Facebook is the biggest, most influential social network in the US, at least… and according to new lawsuits filed by the FTC and 48 attorneys general, Facebook abused its market dominance […]

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Facebook launches Messenger Rooms (Chat with up to 50 people, send links to non-FB users)

Video conferencing system Zoom has seen its user base explode over the past few months as millions of people stay at home to slow the spread of COVID-19. So it’s not surprising to see rivals starting to copy some of Zoom’s most popular features. Case in point — Facebook has launched a new group video […]

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Facebook Portal smart display is going international, gaining WhatsApp support

Facebook’s Portal line of smart displays/video chat devices are getting support for new apps and features… and they’re going to new places. Less than a year after Facebook launched the 10 inch Portal and 15 inch Portal+ devices in the United States, the company says they’re heading to Canada in June and they’ll be available […]

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WhatsApp messages might not be a secure as you think, but not because of a backdoor

Mobile messaging app WhatsApp is used by millions of people around the world, and while many use it as a convenient way to chat, send pictures, and generally keep in touch with friends and family, there’s another nifty thing about WhatsApp: it promises secure, encrypted communications. But does it deliver on that promise? Kind of. […]

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WhatsApp mobile messenger launches desktop clients (Windows and OS X)

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is one of the world’s most popular instant messaging service. It may not be hugely popular in the US, but it’s replaced SMS as the preferred method of text-based, phone-to-phone communication for nearly a billion users. But now you don’t need to unlock your phone to use WhatsApp. There’s been a web interface […]

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WhatsApp pulls the plug on BlackBerry, Symbian, Android 2.2 apps

Facebook-owned chat app WhatsApp is used by as many as a billion people. But a small number of those people might have to look for other solutions later this year, because WhatsApp has announced it’s ending support for a few platforms. The news probably says more about the tiny amount of market share held by those […]

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With nearly a billion users, WhatsApp ends subscription fees, seeks new revenue models

Mobile messaging service WhatsApp has about 990 million users. That’s more than twice the number the company had when Facebook acquired the business two years ago. You’d think it would be easy to make money with an app with that kind of user base, but WhatsApp has focused on expansion more than monetization. Now the company […]

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Lilbits (2-24-2014): WhatsApp gets vocal

Cross-platform messaging app WhatsApp has about 450 million users, which is one of the key reasons Facebook is spending a whopping $19 billion to acquire the company. So what’s next for the chat app? Voice. Just as WhatsApp has largely replaced SMS for many users, the company could eventually be a big player in the […]