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Opus 1.2 audio codec brings better sound at low bit rates (free and open source)

Now that the patents for the popular MP3 audio codec have expired, it’s unlikely that the format is going anywhere, despite many reports that misinterpreted what the end of the format’s licensing program would mean. MP3 was the de facto standard for folks who wanted to rip music from CDs in the late 90s and […]

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Microsoft updates Skype for Linux, brings Skype calling to Chromebooks

Microsoft has updated its Skype client for Linux for the first time since 2014. The new Skype for Linux Alpha featured an updated user interface and an entirely new architecture — it doesn’t yet have all the features available for Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android. But it uses the same calling architecture as Skype for those platforms, […]

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Use Skype in a web browser, no plugins required

Want to use Skype to make voice or video calls, but don’t want to actually install the app on your computer? No problem. Skype now works in a web browser. And when I say a web browser, I mean Microsoft Edge. But Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are also expected to be supported in the future. Microsoft […]

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Firefox 35 introduces plugin-free video chat with Firefox Hello

Mozilla has released Firefox 35, and the latest version of the open source web browser has a few key new features. The biggest is the official launch of a service that lets you make real-time voice or video calls without installing a plugin. It’s called Firefox Hello and you can start a conversation simply by […]

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Skype for Web lets you chat from a browser (but not on a Chromebook… yet)

Microsoft has launched a limited beta of Skype for Web which lets you chat and make voice and video calls directly from a web browser. Skype for Web will only be available to a small group of users initially while Microsoft tests the software, but the company plan sot roll out Skype for Web to […]

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Cisco sets H.264 free(ish) with royalty-free video codec

Over the past few years H.264 has become a de facto standard for delivering high-quality videos with relatively small file sizes. It’s proven a popular format for delivering internet video and many of the videos you probably download to watch on a mobile device. But there’s something that’s prevented its adoption from becoming truly ubiquitous: […]

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Firefox 24 for Android adds WebRTC, NFC browser tab sharing, more

Mozilla has released Firefox 24, and while there are new versions of the web browser for desktop and for mobile, it’s the Android app that’s getting some of the most interesting changes. One hallmark feature is support for WebRTC, a real-time-communication protocol that lets you do things like make video calls in a web browser. […]

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Chrome browser for Android gets enhanced audio, video, communication tools

Google is bringing more features from the desktop Chrome web browser to Chrome for Android. Chrome 29 Beta is now available for desktop and Android devices, and the update brings support for the Web Audio API and WebRTC to Chrome for Android. In other words, you can use Chrome on your phone or tablet for […]

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Firefox adds support for plugin-free video calls, file sharing, 3D gaming

Web browsers are becoming more and more like operating systems as web pages become more and more like apps. The idea of a browser-based operating system like Chrome OS doesn’t look as silly as it once did now that you can play games, edit documents, participate in video chats, and do much more in a […]