HP: webOS tablet to ship a “few weeks” after February 9th launch

HP is holding a press event on February 9th, where the company is expected to unveil its upcoming line of tablets running the webOS mobile operating system. And while it looks like the tablets won’t likely go on sale on February 9th, it looks like the wait shouldn’t be too long. Speaking to the BBC, […]

HP seeks trademarks on three more tablet-related names

Last year HP applied for a trademark on the term “PalmPad” and the world groaned a little bit at the thought that this was what the company would call its upcoming webOS tablet. Last week it started to look like HP hadn’t settled on a name, thanks to a trademark application for “HP TouchPad.” Now […]

HP webOS tablet specs leaked

HP is expected to officially introduce a webOS tablet (or two) at an event on February 9th. But the company can’t seem to stop leaking documents which are stealing a bit of thunder from that upcoming announcement. Today’s leak come courtesy of PreCentral, which managed to snag a spec sheet and some more photos of […]

HP applies for trademark on “Touchpad”

HP has filed for a trademark on the term “HP Touchpad.” That could mean the company doesn’t plan to call its upcoming webOS tablet the PalmPad, which is great news because that’s just a silly name. On the other hand, TouchPad doesn’t seem all that great either — especially considering it’s what we call the […]

Are these the first HP webOS tablet images?

HP is set to make a major webOS-related announcement on February 9th, and smart money is on the company’s first tablet designed to run the operating system. Now Engadget has received a few rendered images of a webOS tablet, which the anonymous tipster says is one of two tablets HP plans to bring to market. […]

HP will likely announce a WebOS tablet on February 9th

HP has scheduled a webOS-related press event for next month, which was already enough to get a lot of people thinking about a webOS tablet. But now HP vice president Todd Bradley has pretty much spelled it out. In an interview with CNBC, he answered a few questions about the event, saying that the company […]

HP/Palm’s webOS tablet will have optional Bluetooth keyboard

In a not-particularly-shocking move, it looks like HP plans to offer a Bluetooth keyboard accessory for the company’s upcoming webOS tablet. Engadget has received a leaked photo of the keyboard along with a little bit of information letting us know that the keyboard will have some special webOS function keys, no number pad, a chiclet […]

It’s (almost) official: HP’s WebOS tablet will be named PalmPad

Despite early evidence that Research in Motion’s upcoming tablet would bear the awkward moniker of “BlackPad,” this week the company announced a device with a slightly better name: BlackBerry PlayBook. I’m still not sure why you’d use the word play when describing a device that you want to promote as a tablet professionals can use […]

HP could launch a WebOS tablet in early 2011

If you’ve been holding out hope that HP would launch a tablet running Palm’s WebOS software before the end of the year, Engadget has some dream-crushing news. HP officials are reportedly telling employees that the upcoming WebOS tablet — which may or may not be called the PalmPad — will be out in the first […]