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Lilbits: Remembering the Apple Newton, using a 2003 Windows Mobile PDA in 2022, and exploring one of the earliest builds of Android

Apparently it’s nostalgia week in the mobile tech world. Ars Technica decided to take a trip down memory lane by remembering the Apple Newton 30 years after Apple announced its first handheld. While the Newton was widely considered a flop, maybe it was just ahead of time. We certainly now live in a world where […]

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webOS rises from the ashes (again) as LuneOS: open source operating system for phones and tablets

The operating system that once powered devices like the Palm Pre and the HP TouchPad is getting another crack at life. A group of developers have taken the source code HP released a few years ago and turned it into something new(ish) called LuneOS. While the software is still very much a work in progress, […]

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Open webOS ported to the Nexus 7, runs nicely (Video)

It’s been a year and a half since HP stopped selling phones and tablets running the webOS operating system. But since then HP has transitioned webOS into an open source operating system and we’ve seen early builds ported to existing devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone and Asus Transformer Pad tablet. Now the […]

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Now you can install Open webOS alpha on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus

The webOS Ports team has released instructions for installing an alpha build of open webOS on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone. Open webOS is the open source version of HP’s webOS operating system for phones, tablets, and other devices. At this point, the open webOS build for the Galaxy Nexus is slow, buggy, and generally […]