webOS Open Source Edition adds support for Raspberry Pi 4, dual displays, and more

Android and iOS may currently dominate the smartphone operating system space, but a one-time rival is still alive and kicking. It’s just not designed to run on phones anymore. Last year LG released webOS Open Source Edition in an effort to bring the software to new platforms. And a series of recent updates have added […]

GameFly game streaming coming to webOS (on LG TVs)

GameFly Streaming is a service that lets you pay a monthly fee to stream a few dozen games over the internet. When it launched in mid-2015, GameFly Streaming was exclusively available to Amazon Fire TV users. Then GameFly added support for Samsung Smart TVs. Now LG has announced that GameFly Streaming is coming to its […]

LG introduces webOS 3.0 for smart TVs

WebOS may not be shipping on smartphones or tablets anymore, but LG has been using a version of the software for its smart TVs for the past few years… and the company plans to unveil a new version of webOS at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. Among other things, webOS 3.0 includes new features […]

LG Urbane LTE luxury smartwatch makes phone calls, supports mobile payments

LG is introducing a new smartwatch that can double as a phone. The LG G Watch Urbane LTE supports phone calls and text messages, works with LTE data, and supports push-to-talk for walkie-talkie style communication on supported networks. It also features an NFC chip and software that lets you use the watch for mobile payments. […]