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Opera launches its new Chromium-based browser for Android

There’s a new version of the Opera mobile web browser for Android, and as expected it’s the first version to drop Opera’s Presto rendering engine and use Google’s Chromium foundation. In other words, you should have no problems opening web pages and web apps designed for Chrome or most Webkit browsers. Opera’s Webkit-based browser for […]

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Google forks Webkit, introduces Blink rendering engine for Chrome (and Opera)

Google has been using the open source Webkit rendering engine to power its Chrome web browser and Chrome OS operating system since day one. But that’s about to change. The company has announced plans to develop its own rendering engine called Blink. It’s based on Webkit, but as development continues, it will likely start to […]

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Opera releases Webkit-based browser for Android

Opera has been making web browsers for desktop and mobile devices for years, and for most of that time the company’s been using its own Presto rendering engine. But now Opera has released its first Webkit-based browser. Opera beta for Android is available for download from the Google Play Store. Webkit is the same rendering […]

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Opera moves to Webkit for PC, mobile web browsers

Opera has been making web browsers for nearly two decades, but the Opera browser for desktop computers has never come close to rivaling Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Chrome in popularity. Opera’s mobile browsers, on the other hand, have been quite popular in recent years — Opera says it now has 300 million active users […]