Lilbits: Getting what you pay for with enthusiast-grade hardware

Pine64 has produced some of the most interesting hardware aimed at open source enthusiasts over the past few years. They’re not exactly high-performance machines, but what they are is cheap – among other things, Pine64 sells Linux smartphones for as little as $150 and Linux laptops for as little as $100. Those low prices, combined with […]

Lilbits: Use a Sony camera as a webcam, buy a monster Linux laptop, and more

Linux PC maker System76 has released its most powerful laptop to date: the new System76 Bonobo WS is a mobile workstation with support for desktop-class chips including a 125-watt Intel Core i9-10900K processor and NVIDIA RTX 2080 SUPER graphics. At 8.4 pounds, it’s not the sort of laptop we’d normally cover on Liliputing, but hey, […]

Lilbits 393: The priciest webcam

Webcams are in short supply these days thanks the coronavirus pandemic. But you may already have a perfectly good camera that you can use for your next Zoom meeting or Facebook Messenger call. There are apps that will let you use an iPhone or Android device as a webcam for your computer. And some DSLR […]

Logitech’s newest webcam has a privacy shutter (or you could just unplug your old camera)

Logitech’s C920 line of webcams have been pretty popular for years thanks to a decent feature set and relatively affordable price tag. I picked one up about three years ago when I decided it was finally time I owned a camera that offered better voice and video camera than I could get using the built-in […]

Dell XPS 13 laptop gets a 2019 refresh: Whiskey Lake chips, camera above the screen

Dell’s XPS 13 laptops have earned a reputation for a few things over the years. They’re incredibly thin and light. Despite that, they get surprisingly long battery life and offer generally decent performance. And for years, Dell has offered XPS laptops with ridiculously thin top and side bezels by moving the webcam to an awkward […]

Lenovo updates ThinkPad T series with new T480, T480s, and T580 models

Lenovo’s 2018 line of ThinkPad laptops look a lot like their predecessors, but all of the new models are available with 8th-gen Intel Core processors and a few new features including a “ThinkShutter” privacy cover for the webcam. While some folks put tape over their camera to make sure it’s not recording when it isn’t […]

Logitech Brio 4K Pro Webcam handles HDR, Windows Hello, and more

Logitech makes some of the most popular consumer-oriented computer webcams, including entry-level 720p models that sell for as little as $20, and higher-priced models with support for 1080p, 60fps video in a range of lighting conditions. Now the company is launching a new high-end model that Logitech says is its “most advanced” to date, with support […]