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Interop 2022 initiative aims to make sure web sites work the same in all browsers

The companies behind the rendering engines that power all of the biggest web browsers have announced a new initiative called Interop 2022 that’s designed to ensure that websites will look and function the same way no matter what browser you’re using to access them. Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla are all onboard, which means that other […]

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Microsoft introduces dual-screen SDKs for Android, Windows 10X, and the web

Microsoft has two high-profile dual-screen devices scheduled to launch later this year — the Microsoft Surface Neo will be one of the first dual-screen computers to ship with Windows 10X, and the Surface Duo is a dual-screen Android smartphone. But neither will be very useful if developers don’t start creating apps and experiences tailored to dual-screen […]

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SmugMug acquires Flickr, promises to breathe new life into it

Before Imgur and Instagram, there was Flickr, an image hosting site and community that was a pioneer of allowing users to embed content on blogs, social media, and other web pages a year before YouTube began offering something similar for online video. A few years later Google acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion and Yahoo acquired […]

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Mozilla acquires save-it-for-later app Pocket

Pocket is one of the oldest, and one of the most popular services that lets you save web content for reading later. And now Pocket is a Mozilla-owned company. The organization responsible for making the open source Firefox web browser has acquired the company behind Pocket. In 2015 Firefox added Pocket integration to Firefox for desktop users, […]

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Chrome for Android to be faster, more efficient by the end of this year

Chrome for Android has come a long way in a short period of time, but Google’s planning on making it even better by the end of this year. Over on the Blink Google Group, engineer Eric Seidel has shed some light on Google’s goals for the browser in 2014. The overarching goals won’t come as […]

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ARM, FXI want HDMI sticks to replace cable boxes (with browser-based software)

There are dozens of inexpensive HDMI sticks which you can plug into a TV to surf the web, stream internet video, or play games on your TV. But most of those sticks run Android software and come from companies you haven’t heard of. But chip designerARM is working on a software platform that could mean […]

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Microsoft took the wraps off today, and there are plenty of reasons to be excited. It’s a massive improvement over Hotmail in many ways, not the least of which is how well it’s suited to smaller screens. As you’d expect from anything Microsoft has designed recently, the Metro design language has been liberally applied […]

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Ubuntu One ups free cloud storage to 5GB, hits 1 million users

Ubuntu One provides cloud storage and synchronization to users and is tightly integrated with the popular Ubuntu Linux operating system. It allows users to store profile information and files online, and access them across different computers, operating systems, and mobile devices.  Though it’s still fairly nascent, the service has enjoyed a good deal of success […]