Sony’s Dash is a supercharged photo frame, not a web tablet

For a brief second, I looked at this headline from Engadget and thought that Sony launched a new $199 web tablet to undercut the soon-to-be-(probably)-announced Apple Tablet. And then I looked closer and realized that Sony’s new Dash Internet Viewer is more of an HP DreamScreen competitor. The Dash can be propped up like a […]

Freescale introduces sub-$200 web tablet reference design

Freescale Semiconductor is introducing a new reference design for a dirt cheap web tablet using an ARM Cortex A8-based processor and running Linux or Google Android. The company will be showing off a prototype at CES this week, and Freescale is looking for hardware partners to build actual products based on the reference design. Freescale […]

CrunchPad tablet is alive, well, and under $400 (with sponsorship)

Last week the folks at The Business Insider started predicting that Michael Arrington’s CrunchPad tablet was dead. Arrington hadn’t really spoken much about the tablet since this summer, and the Business Insider heard rumors that the rising costs of production were delaying and possibly putting an end to the tablet. Apparently the reports of the […]