Lilbits: Windows Terminal, Chrome, Firefox, Signal on Linux phones, Netflix will be the Netflix for games after all

Microsoft has released a new preview version of the Windows Terminal app that builds on the “quake mode” feature introduced earlier this year, allowing you to open a terminal from any screen using a hotkey. Now when you dismiss that window, it minimizes to the system tray by default. Other changes include an updated Settings […]

Firefox 89 brings a new interface to Mozilla’s web browser

Firefox is getting a makeover starting with version 89 of the web browser, which rolls out today. The new user interface, previously known by its code-name “Proton,” brings new icons, a redesigned Settings menu, an updated design for browser tabs, and more. Mozilla says the new design gives Firefox an easier to use, cleaner interface […]

Google is bringing an experimental RSS “follow” feature to Chrome for Android (8 years after killing Google Reader)

It’s been eight years since Google annoyed a vast portion of the internet by killing off Google Reader, it’s web-based RSS reader. Now the company is embracing RSS again… kind of. Google has announced a new feature that will begin rolling out to some users of its Chrome Canary app for Android soon. When you […]

Lilbits: Using desktop apps on Linux phones, a new Asus Android tablet, and Microsoft Edge cross-platform tools

Microsoft is giving you another reason to use its Edge web browser on both Windows and Android by making it easier to send browser tabs from one to the other (something Chrome and other browsers have had for a while). Asus is launching a new Android tablet in China (there’s no word on if or […]

Lilbits: What the FLoC?

Google plans to end support for third-party tracking cookies in the Chrome browser, which is ostensibly a response to users’ growing demands for privacy. But Google is first and foremost a company that makes its money by advertising… and these days that’s primarily┬átargeted advertising. So the company plans to keep doing that. Instead of cookies […]

Lilbits: Remembering LG’s innovative phones, another smartphone Linux distro, and high-performance single-board computers

LG is getting out of the smartphone business and that’s probably a smart move for a company that’s been losing money in that space for the past six years. But it’s still sad to see the exit of a company that had been pushing the boundaries of smartphone weirdness with models like the dual-screen LG […]

Lilbits: AYA Neo, Google Chrome, Samsung smartphone cameras, and Alphabet’s “Wolverine” super-powered hearing moonshot

Google’s parent company Alphabet is working on a line of audio-enhancing products that could turn out to be next-gen hearing aids, or possibly something much more. Meanwhile Google has announced plans to speed up the release schedule for its Chrome web browser by 50-percent, with new stable builds now rolling out every four weeks. Samsung […]