Firefox 16 brings Reader mode to mobile, web apps to desktop

Mozilla has released Firefox 16 for Windows, OS X, Linux, and Google Android. That’s not too surprising. Mozilla releases new versions of its popular web browser every 6 weeks at this point. But there are a few nifty features which make the latest release notable. Firefox Mobile updates Firefox 16 for Android features a new […]

Chromium beta now available for the Raspberry Pi

Developer Liam McLoughlin is still working on porting the Chromium OS operating system to run on the Raspberry Pi $35 mini-computer. But today he’s released the next best thing – a beta version of the Chromium web browser designed to run on the Raspbian Linux operating system. Raspbian is a version of Debian Linux optimized […]

Google introduces Chrome browser for iPhone, iPad

Google is bringing the Chrome web browser to iOS. You can download the new app for iPhone, iPoud touch, and iPad from the App Store for free. Chrome for iOS looks an awful lot like Chrome for Android — which means that if you’re using a tablet it looks a lot like Chrome for desktop […]

RIM shows off BlackBerry PlayBook web browser, HTML5, Flash performance

The upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook has a dual core processor and what appear to be pretty powerful multitasking capabilities. But how does it handle everyday tasks like viewing web pages with heavy Flash or HTML5 features? Research in Motion has posted a new video of the PlayBook browser in action and it looks like it can […]

Google Chrome OS gets an app launcher — and so does the Chrome web browser

Google’s upcoming Chrome Operating System is designed to put the net back into netbooks. It’s basically an operating system built around a web browser. While it will have some offline capabilities that will allow you to do things like watch cached videos and read cached web sites while you’re not near an internet connection, the […]