Mozilla launches nightly builds of Servo web rendering engine

More than three years after announcing plans to launch a new web rendering engine, Mozilla has released the first nightly builds of Servo. The idea was to build a new, high-performance rendering engine using the latest tools and features. While Servo isn’t ready to replace the Gecko rendering engine used in Mozilla’s Firefox web browser yet, […]

Vivaldi 1.2 web browser gets per-tab zoom, custom mouse gestures and more

The developers of the Vivaldi web browser are targeting power users, and the latest version of the browser certainly has some features aimed at people who like to customize their browsing experience. Vivaldi 1.2 adds support for editable mouse gestures, for instance. Just choose the action you want to perform like “history back,” or “close […]

Gello web browser is coming to CyanogenMod 13

It’s been almost a year since the developers of CyanogenMod announced that they were working on a new web browser for their custom version of Google Android. Now it’s finally ready to go. Developer Joey Rizzoli says the Gello web browser will be available on a select range of devices running CyanogenMod soon. The browser […]

Samsung launches a web browser for Gear VR virtual reality headset

Slap a Samsung phone in the company’s Gear VR headset and you’ve got yourself a virtual reality device for playing games, watching movies, or exploring virtual environments. But what if you want to do something a little more mundane… like web surfing. You could take off the headset and start using your phone the old fashioned […]

Project Spartan browser arrives in latest Windows 10 preview build

Microsoft plans to include a new web browser with Windows 10 when the operating system launches this summer. Code-named Project Spartan, it uses a different rendering engine than Internet Explorer, has a user interface designed to work across phones, tablets, and desktops, and includes better support for web standards thanks, in part, to involvement of […]