Brave launches a privacy-focused search engine

Brave is a web browser that places an emphasis on privacy, with built-in features that block ads, trackers, and other scripts. Now the folks behind the Brave browser are launching something new – a privacy-focused search engine. Brave Search is now available in beta, and you can access it from within the brave browser or […]

Ubuntu Web Remix is a Linux distro that puts Firefox front and center (Chrome OS alternative)

Global Chromebook shipments are on the rise as folks around the world are stuck working, studying, and binge watching from home. They tend to be affordable, reasonably responsive, and fairly simple to learn to use. But a key selling point for some is a turnoff for others – Chromebooks put Google’s Chrome browser front and […]

Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge browser preview now available for Windows 7 and up

Microsoft is designing a new version of its Edge web browser based on Google’s Chromium. Two months ago Microsoft released the first preview of the new browser, but it was only available for Windows 10 at the time. Now you can download Microsoft Edge preview builds and run them on Windows 7, Windows 8, or […]

Mozilla releases Firefox 67 with speed, privacy enhancements

Microsoft may have taken the if-you-can’t-beat-them-join-them approach to web browsing by basing its new Edge web browser on Google’s Chromium. But Mozilla continues to be lead the charge of browser independence. Mozilla’s Firefox web browser is compliant with modern web standards, but it uses a different rendering engine and overall design than Chrome, Edge, or […]

Firefox 66 blocks auto-playing audio, improves multi-tab search, and more

Firefox 66 is out today, and the latest version of the web browser includes a bunch of new features including support for Windows Hello authentication (so you can login to websites using a fingerprint, facial recognition, or a PIN, basic support for the macOS Touch Bar, and the number of processes used to render web […]

Google’s Password Checkup lets you know if your login data has been compromised (Chrome extension)

Odds are that an online service you’ve used has suffered a data breach sometime in the past few years. Sometimes they’ll send you a message letting you know to change your password once the data breach is discovered. Sometimes they don’t. And sometimes they may not even know. There’s little you can do to protect […]

Google’s Project Stream will let you play AAA games in the Chrome web browser (starting with Assassin’s Creed Odyssey)

Google wants to let make it possible for you to play the latest PC games in a web browser. Rather than load a game on a PC with powerful hardware, the game would actually be running on a remote server — which means all you need to play is a halfway decent computer and a […]

Vivaldi 2.0 web browser released with data sync, UI enhancements and more customization options

It’s been a few years since the co-founder of Opera Software started a new company and launched the Vivaldi web browser aimed at power users. Today the team is releasing Vivaldi 2.0. The new version of the browser comes more than two years after the launch of Vivaldi 1.0, and it brings a lot of […]

Tor Browser 8.0 released, makes anonymous web browsing easier

Tor is a tool that allows users to access the internet anonymously by routing data through a network of thousands of relay servers run by volunteers, making it harder for governments, businesses, or anyone else to track individual users. It can be used by political dissidents to shield their communications from oppressive governments, by criminals […]

Google Chrome’s upcoming “Lazy Loading” feature cuts down on resource usage

One of the tricks web designers can use to speed up the loading of web pages and cut down on the amount of data sent to your device is something called “Lazy Loading.” Instead of loading all web content as soon as you visit a page, lazy loading means that some content (usually images) will […]