Google’s GameSnacks are web games optimizes for slow internet connections

While smartphones have become a global phenomenon in recent years, speedy internet access isn’t quite as universal — many folks are still relying on relatively slow 2G or 3G wireless networks. So while many mobile app and web developers are taking advantage of the possibilities of high-speed wireless internet access, one of Google’s latest projects […]

Microsoft makes a progressive web app (and PWAs will eventually act like native Windows apps)

Progressive web apps are basically websites designed to act more like desktop programs than websites. They can be used when you’re offline, deliver push notifications when you’re online, and access your computer’s hardware, among other things. And since progressive web apps, or PWAs, work with just about any standards-compliant web browser, you can visit a […]

Firefox OS developer provides a (not so) brief history of the operating system

Firefox OS is pretty much dead at this point, but when Mozilla first unveiled plans for the operating system (initially known as Boot to Gecko), the plan was to provide an open alternative to Android and iOS designed to run web apps. Eventually Firefox OS-powered phones were shipped… and sold poorly. There was a tablet […]

Soon some mobile web apps will act like native Android apps

Google is continuing to blur the lines between web apps that run in your smartphone browser and native Android apps that you can download from the Play Store (or sideload onto a phone or tablet). You’ve long been able to use the Chrome browser’s “add to home screen” option to save a link to any website […]

Google Chrome 53 adds Web Bluetooth experimental support

Web apps can do a lot of things you’d normally expect from native apps. You can watch videos, edit documents, play games, and do a lot of other things in a web browser. And modern browsers are also starting to interact with your device’s operating system and hardware to send you notifications, interact with your […]

Make your own cloud office suite with LibreOffice, ownCloud, and CODE

There’s no shortage of alternatives to Microsoft Office, including desktop software like LibreOffice and web apps like Google Docs. But what if you want to run LibreOffice in the cloud? Now you can do that. It takes a little work though, because right now you essentially have to set up your own server. Collabora has […]

Google Chrome 45 beta brings media controls to Android notifications

Google has released a new beta of its web browser for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and Chrome OS. Google Chrome 45 beta includes support for new JavaScript features, improved service worker features (for allowing web apps to work even when you don’t have an internet connection), and more. One of the most useful updates is […]