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Google Glass could ship as a consumer product by end of 2013

Google Glass may seem like something out of the future: a wearable computer that snaps photos and videos, lets you chat with people around the globe from anywhere, and provides answers to your questions as well as directions while you walk or drive. But Google is already providing thousands of prototypes to early adopters (for […]

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Google opens another round of Glass wearable computer pre-orders (apply to spend $1500)

Google Glass is a wearable computer which you wear like a pair of glasses. A small transparent display hangs out above your eye and shows you notifications, photos, video chats, and other items. Next to it is a camera which you can use to shoot photos or videos or share anything you’re looking at. Google […]

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Build a Raspberry Pi-powered wearable computer for under $400

Is the $1500 price tag for Google’s Project Glass a little high for you? Instructables contributor meztek has a guide for building a wearable computer for just under $400. The secrete sauce comes in two parts: a $35 (plus shipping) Raspberry Pi computer and a pair of the cheapest glasses you can find with a […]

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Nike introduces FuelBand wearable computer (fitness device)

Remember when digital watches with calculators were state-of-the-art wearable computers? Now you can slap an iPod Nano on a wrist strap and carry music and apps around on a portable color screen. But there’s another frontier in the wristputer space, and it’s focused on fitness. Last fall Motorola introduced the MOTOACTV wearable device with music, […]