Amazon Kindle Paperwhite updated with twice the memory, new waterproof design, small price hike

Amazon may have all but discontinued the Kindle Voyage recently, but t the company’s new and improved Kindle Paperwhite takes some obvious design cues from the company’s higher-priced models including the Voyage and Oasis. The new Kindle Paperwhite has a 6 inch E Ink display that sits flush with the eReader’s plastic bezel. It has […]

Amazon launches 7 inch, waterproof Kindle Oasis for $250

Amazon is updating its top-of-the-line Kindle eReader with a new model sporting a bigger screen, a lower price, and support for listening to audiobook from Amazon’s Audible service (when paired with Bluetooth speakers or headphones). The new Kindle Oasis is up for pre-order today for $250 and it ships starting October 31st. That’s actually just […]

Samsung fixes Galaxy S7 Active flaw, now it really should be waterproof

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Active is a variant of the Galaxy S7 line of smartphones designed for use outdoors or in other rough environments. The phone has a rugged case, a big battery, and a waterproof design. Well, it’s supposed to be waterproof anyway. But when the folks at Consumer Reports put that claim to […]

Sharp’s first Android One phone has 3,010 mAh battery, waterproof design

The Android One initiative is Google’s attempt to partner with smartphone makers to offer low-cost handsets designed to offer decent performance with Google’s Android operating system. So far most Android One phones have been virtually indistinguishable from other cheap Android handsets. But the Sharp 507SH actually brings a few nifty features to the table. The […]

Who needs Force Touch when you’ve got a barometer?

Smartphone makers are starting to add pressure-sensitive touchscreens to their devices, allowing the phones to tell the difference between hard and soft presses. Apple calls this 3D Touch, while most others call it Force Touch. Either way, if you don’t have a phone with a Force Touch display, you can’t use Force Touch features, right? Maybe […]

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are (a little) waterproof

Apple’s iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus smartphones have more RAM, faster processors, and better cameras than their predecessors, not to mention that fancy new 3D Touch Display technology. But one feature Apple didn’t mention when the company announced the phones? Water resistance. Officially, there’s no reason to think an iPhone 6s would keep working […]