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Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch review roundup (Nobody likes it much)

The Samsung Galaxy Gear may be the highest profile smartwatch released to date. For $300, Samsung promises to deliver a wearable device that lets you interact with your phone to view notifications, make calls, monitor fitness stats, or perform other actions thanks to its custom Android operating system with support for apps. It even has […]

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Smart Devices W1 Smartwatch coming this month

Samsung and Qualcomm aren’t the only companies introducing new smartwatches this week. Chinese device maker Smart Devices is planning to launch its first watch this month. While Smart Devices isn’t exactly a household name in the West, the company does have a habit of releasing interesting and affordable devices like the SmartQ U7 tablet with […]

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Foxconn smartwatch prototype syncs with an iPhone, shows Facebook, phone updates

As smartphones get bigger (and presumably more inconvenient to pull out of your pocket when you just want to check the time or weather), a growing number of companies seem to be betting that smartwatches are the future of mobile devices. While you can still use your phone for in-depth web surfing, messaging, or more, […]

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Sony SmartWatch 2 coming in September, pairs with your Android phone

Sony’s SmartWatch 2 will hit the streets in September, giving you a new way to interact with your mobile phone without pulling your phone out of the pocket. It’s a wristwatch with a 1.3 inch capacitive touchscreen display which you can use to tell the time, manage phone calls, read email messages, and more. Word […]

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Lilbits (5-22-2013): Crowd-funding the AGENT smartwatch, Earl tablet

It’s an interesting time to be a watchmaker. Big companies like Motorola have been bringing smartwatches to market, and smaller companies like Pebble have raised a lot of buzz for wristwatches with ePaper displays, customizable software, and more. Heck, one of the main characters on a prime time TV show is a clockmaker. Anyway, there’s […]

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Neptune Pine is an Android powered wristwatch… that makes phone calls

Why get a smartwatch that pairs with your Android phone when you could get a smartwatch that is an Android phone? That seems to be the idea behind the upcoming Neptune Pine. It’s a wristwatch with a SIM card, an Android-based operating system and a 2.5 inch display. It’s expected to sell for about $335 if […]

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Phosphor Touch Time: A digital watch with a touchscreen display

Watch maker Phosphor has been making high-end digital watches for a while. But the company’s upcoming Touch Time wristwatch is the first to feature a touchscreen display. The idea is that you’ll be able to set alarms, adjust the time, or perform other actions by swiping your finger across the screen without fiddling with any […]

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Sony Smartwatch dissected, found not very hacker-friendly

The Sony SmartWatch is a nifty $150 device that you can wear around your wrist and use as a companion for an Android smartphone. It pairs with your phone wirelessly and lets you access Twitter, email, music, weather, and other functions from your wrist. But when hacker Chris Wade took one apart he found it […]