Crowdfunded Gameband watch cancelled (no tiny screen Atari games for you)

The Gameband was supposed to be a watch with a 1.6 inch touchscreen display, the sort of hardware you’d expect to find in a smartwatch, and a focus on gaming — the developers partnered with Atari and planned to load the Gameband with games including Asteroids, breakout, Centipede and Pong. But a year and a […]

Sony crowdfunds its second watch with an ePaper display (and strap)

Sony’s FES Watch is a wristwatch with a customizable look thanks to an electronic paper display that can show a variety of different watch faces, and an ePaper strap which can handle a variety of designs. Sony launched the original FES Watch using the company’s own First Flight crowdfunding platform in 2015 and began selling […]

Garmin’s latest fitness tracking watch looks like… a watch

Garmin has been making activity trackers, GPS watches, and other fitness-oriented wearables for a few years. But the Garmin Vivomove may be the company’s first fitness gadget that looks more like a watch than, well, a gadget. It’s a waterproof watch with an analog watch face, long battery life, and support for interchangeable bands. But […]

Razer launches Nabu Watch, says it’s smart, but not a smartwatch

Razer’s latest entry into the wearable space is a watch. But it isn’t a smartwatch. The Razer Nabu Watch is a digital watch with Razer’s distinctive black and green color scheme. But it also has sensors for fitness tracking and Bluetooth connectivity for notifications, communications, and a few other features. Razer is taking orders for a […]

Fitbit Blaze is a fitness tracker that looks like a watch (or vice versa?)

Smartwatch makers have been adding motion sensors and heart rate monitors to their wearables. Now one of the biggest companies in the activity tracker space seems to have decided turnabout is fair play. Fitbit is launching its first full-fledged watch. The Fitbit Blaze is a $200 watch with a color touchscreen LCD display, support for […]

Vector’s hybrid smartwatch with a 30-day battery is now available

Vector introduced a line of smartwatches earlier this year that are designed to tackle two issues plaguing many other entries in this space: clunky design and short battery life. The company’s products promise “less gadget, more style” and a 30-day battery life. Now you can order from the company’s website. Prices start at £219 in the UK, but […]

Runtastic is a fitness tracker built into an analog watch (for $129 and up)

  So you want a wearable device that can track your steps and sleep patterns and estimate how many calories you’ve burned… but you don’t want a standalone bracelet like a Fitbit and you don’t want a full-fledged smartwatch. Well, there’s a growing number of fitness-trackers that look like classic watches. Withings has the Activité and Activité […]