Lilbits: Windows Terminal, Chrome, Firefox, Signal on Linux phones, Netflix will be the Netflix for games after all

Microsoft has released a new preview version of the Windows Terminal app that builds on the “quake mode” feature introduced earlier this year, allowing you to open a terminal from any screen using a hotkey. Now when you dismiss that window, it minimizes to the system tray by default. Other changes include an updated Settings […]

Teracube 2e smartphone with a 4-year warranty is now available for $199

The Teracube 2e is a budget smartphone with one killer feature: the warranty. While most modern phones come with a one or two year warranty and many offer an option to pay extra for extended coverage, Teracube’s phones come with a 4-year warranty. That’s despite the fact that the Teracube 2e is a budget phone […]

Teracube 2e is a $200 smartphone with a 4-year warranty (crowfunding)

Most Android phone makers expect you to replace your device every few years. Even Google only promises 3 years of OS and security updates for its Pixel phones (the last update for the Pixel 2 is set to drop in December). But a startup called Teracube is betting that there’s a market for inexpensive phones […]

Teracube’s smartphone with a 4-year warranty has shipped to crowdfunding backers

Teracube‘s first smartphone is an unremarkable device when you look at the specs — it’s a mid-range Android phone with mid-range hardware. But the Teracube smartphone unusual in that it comes with a 4-year warranty. It’s a phone designed to last a long time — and if you have problems, you can get them fixed […]

Teracube smartphone’s killer feature is a 4-year warranty

Apple and Samsung dominate the smartphone space in the United States, leaving little room for competition… even from well-established players like Motorola, LG, Google, and others. From time to time a company you’ve never heard of launches a crowdfunding campaign to bring a new phone to market with some killer feature or other… but few […]

[Updated – replacement hardware on the way] Google bricks some Google Home devices with software updates (and inadvertently highlights conflict between auto updates and short user warranties)

One of the key selling points of Chromebooks, Chromecasts, and Google Home and Nest devices is that they receive automatic updates delivered straight from Google’s servers. The devices download and install the latest bug fixes, features, and security patches automatically on smart home devices and media streamers¬†— although you’ll need to reboot your Chromebook occasionally […]

Google Store begins selling refurbished products (1-year warranty and discounted prices)

Google’s first-party hardware is pretty good… but not particularly cheap. Prices for a Google Pixelbook start at $999, for example, and a 3-pack of Google WiFi mesh networking routers runs $259. But now there’s a cheaper option — buy refurbished models from the Google Store and you can save some money while still getting the […]

FTC: Companies can’t void your warranty if you break a seal (among other things)

There are plenty of gadgets that have shipped over the past few decades with a sticker that warns you that you’ll void your warranty if you remove or break it. The idea is to keep you from opening your laptop, game console, or other device to repair or replace parts on your own… or absolve […]

Apple AirPod replacements cost $69 (per ear)

Apple’s AirPods are a set of completely wireless earbuds: place one in each ear, connect to your phone via Bluetooth and start listening to music (or podcasts, or whatever). But since there’s no cable connecting on AirPod earbud to the other, a lot of folks have wondered what happens if one falls out of your […]

Coby is under new management, existing warranties are in the trash bin

Budget consumer electronics company Coby has been making everything from MP3 players to tablets to TVs for over 20 years. But apparently the company fell on hard times this summer, and the Gordon Brothers Group acquired all of Coby’s assets including its inventory, name, and intellectual property in August. Gordon Brothers did not, however, assume […]