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Do you use Best Buy as a showroom for things you buy from Amazon?

A growing percentage of the stuff Americans buy is sold online from Amazon and other web-based retailers. But you can’t walk into an Amazon store to check out the latest Kindle, laptop, smartphone, or game console before placing an order. We have Best Buy and Walmart, and other bricks and mortar stores for that — […]

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OLPC XO-Tablet coming to Walmart July 16th (maybe)

The One Laptop Per Child foundation set out with an ambitious goal about half a decade ago, to deliver a $100 laptop that could change the face of education in the developing world. That never quite happened, but the team has delivered a number of durable, inexpensive computers to classrooms around the globe and changed […]

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Hisense officially launches Walmart-exclusive Android tablets for $99 and up

It’s official. Chinese electronics maker Hisense has introduced its first Android tablets for the US market. They’re available exclusively from Walmart, and they’re some of the cheapest tablets around. They’re also surprisingly good devices for the price. Walmart will officially offer a $99 model and a $149 model starting May 24th. The move isn’t exactly […]

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Hisense Sero 7 tablets available for $99 and up (at some Walmart stores)

Hisense is launching two new budget Android tablets in the US. The company hasn’t officially announced either model yet, but they’re both apparently available a bit early at some Walmart locations. Following yesterday’s report that the tablets would ship for $99 and up, Liliputing reader Adam and blogger VelcoElectro have both confirmed that they’ve purchased […]

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Buy an HP laptop from Walmart, get an HP TouchPad ($497 and up)

Walmart is offering a limited number of HP TouchPad tablets this week — but there’s a catch. You’ll need to buy an HP laptop if you want to get your hands on the discontinued tablet. The good news is you don’t need to buy an expensive laptop. The laptops cost as little as $348, which means […]