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Sony’s 40th-anniversary walkman is a digital music player with (expensive) analog style

Before smartphones there were iPods and other portable media players. But before all of them, there was the Sony Walkman, a portable cassette player that let you take your music with you. Sony’s continued releasing Walkman-branded products in recent years, but for the most part they’re high-end digital music players… and the new 40th-anniversary Walkman […]

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Sony introduces a $3,200 gold-plated Walkman

Sony is updating its line of products for audiophiles with the new MDR-Z1R headphones, TA-ZH1 ES headphone amp, and NW-WM1Z Walkman. Let’s focus on that last one for a minute… because it’s a fine example of, well, something. Sony’s new Walkman is a portable media player with support for high-resolution audio playback, more than 30 hours […]

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Sony unveils next-gen Walkman audio players with “hi-res” audio support

The Sony Walkman line of portable music players revolutionized the way we listen to music back in the days when audiocassettes were state-of-the-art tech. These days smartphones have largely replaced portable media players for plenty of people, but Sony’s shifted its Walkman strategy in recent years by producing premium devices aimed at audiophiles. Now the […]

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Sony’s latest Walkman is a $1200 music player for audiophiles

Sony’s Walkman brand used to be synonymous with portable music players. These days many of us just use our phones as MP3 players to listen to music on the go, but some folks prefer something a little… fancier. Sony’s newest Walkman is aimed at those people. The Sony Walkman NW-ZX2 is a high-end portabl audio player with […]

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Hands-on with Sony’s Walkman ZX1 HD audio player with Android

Now that you can use pretty much any smartphone as an MP3 player, dedicated portable audio players aren’t as common as they once were. But Sony thinks there’s still room for a device that puts media playback front and center. The company launched a high-end portable audio player powered by Android in Japan in 2013, […]

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Sony Walkman F886: 4 inch Android media player with 24-bit/192KHz audio

Sony’s latest Walkman portable media player is basically an Android phone that doesn’t make phone calls, but which makes up for that oversight by offering long battery life and high-quality audio playback. The Sony Walkman F886 is an Android-powered media player with a 4 inch, 854 x 480 pixel display, support for 24-bit, 192 KHz […]