Break out the Ethernet cables, because WiFi is insecure (for now)

Most modern devices that use WiFi make use of a security protocol called WPA2. Basically you enter a password and you can connect to the network. But what you don’t see is how that password is just the first step in securing your connection. Once it’s entered, your phone, tablet, laptop, or other device negotiates […]

Dell support tool poses security risk, company issues a fix

Some recent Dell computers have included a root certificate called eDellRoot that was designed to help Dell support staff identify a computer when users requested support. Unfortunately eDellRoot also posed a pretty serious security risk. Now Dell has responded with instructions for manually removing eDellRoot from an affected computer. The company also says it will […]

How to tell if your Lenovo PC has Superfish, and what to do about it

This week Lenovo confirmed reports that it had been shipping computers with software called Superfish that intercepts internet traffic, injects third-party ads, and poses a potential security risk (although Lenovo denies that last part). The company stopped loading Superfish on its computers in January and shut down the servers that enable the software… although that […]