Google reports vulnerability in Fortnite installer for Android, Epic issues patch

You know how Epic Games decided to bring their popular game Fortnite to Android, but not to distribute it via the Google Play Store? Yeah, it turns out there was a pretty big security vulnerability in the installer, or at least the version that was made available through the Samsung Galaxy Apps store. Google discovered […]

Lilbits 327: Will Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 850 be fast enough?

Qualcomm is working on a new processor designed specifically for Windows tablets and laptops. It’s called the Snapdragon 850 and it’s basically a sibling to the Snapdragon 845 chip that powers the latest high-end Android smartphones, but it’s optimized for larger devices that have more space to help dissipate heat, which could allow the chip […]

Oneplus to roll out fix for OnePlus 6 bootloader bypass vulnerability

If you’re the sort of person that likes to load custom ROMs on your smartphone, the ability to load system software without unlocking the bootloader might sound like a good thing. But it also means that anyone with physical access to your device might also be able to load malware. So when OnePlus was alerted […]

Intel’s hardware-based Spectre mitigations won’t protect against variant 4 (or later)

A few months ago Intel promised that it would start shipping processors with hardware-based protections against the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities in the second half of 2018. That will include upcoming 8th-gen Intel Core processors and Intel Xeon chips based on the new “Cascade Lake” architecture. But while those chips will offer hardware-based protections against […]

Nintendo Switch hack + Dolphin Emulator could bring GameCube and Wii game support

This week security researchers released details about a vulnerability affecting NVIDIA Tegra X1 processors that makes it possible to bypass secure boot and run unverified code on some devices… including every Nintendo Switch game console that’s shipped to date. Among other things, this opens the door for running modified versions of Nintendo’s firmware, or alternate […]

Nearly 15 million Nintendo Switches are now hackable (other NVIDIA Tegra X1 devices too)

Earlier this year hackers started to show evidence of an exploit that allowed you to load custom software on a Nintendo Switch game console. Theoretically that opens the door for homebrew applications, modified games, or even running an alternate operating system such as a GNU/Linux distribution on Nintendo’s latest game system. It could also make […]

Latest Windows update disables Intel’s crash-prone Spectre security patch

Most Intel processors* released in the past decade are vulnerable to the recently disclosed Meltdown and Spectre security vulnerabilities, and that’s a problem. But shortly after Intel released a microcode update to mitigate the risk, users started noticing that their computers were unexpectedly shutting off (crashing) more often than before. Intel’s solution: don’t install that […]

Should you wait for Meltdown & Spectre-proof CPUs before buying a new PC or phone?

This week we learned of major security vulnerabilities affecting nearly every current PC, server, and smartphone processor on the market as well as many released in the past decade or so. The Meltdown vulnerability primarily affects Intel processors, although chips based on new ARM Cortex-A75 design are also impacted. AMD chips are considered safe from […]

Intel issues statement on security vulnerability

Intel has confirmed reports that a security vulnerability affecting its processors. In a statement, Intel says the company doesn’t believe the security exploit could be used to modify, delete, or corrupt data… but stealing your passwords and other sensitive information is probably bad enough, which explains why a massive effort is underway to address the […]

Most PCs and servers are about to get slower thanks to security updates patching major Intel CPU vulnerability

A major security vulnerability affecting all Intel chips released in the past decade has apparently been discovered, and since the chips can’t be updated, developers are getting ready to push out software solutions. The good news is that Microsoft is getting ready to push out a major software update to users, and Linux developers have […]

Intel confirms security vulnerabilities in Intel Management Engine

Intel has come under fire recently for bundling hidden firmware on some chips. While Intel Management Engine provides some hardware-based security and power management features, it’s also a completely closed-source bit of code that comes bundled with most recent Intel processors, and which cannot be easily disabled by users who may decide they don’t need […]

Backdoor found in OnePlus phones can provide root access without unlocking the bootloader (Updated)

There are plenty Android phone users who make a habit of rooting their devices in order to gain more control over their device, gain access to system settings and files that would otherwise be unavailable, and run apps that only work on a rooted device. But choosing to root your phone is one thing. Finding […]