Lilbits: More Samsung leaks, BootHole GRUB2 bootloader vulnerability, and more

A new security vulnerability could leave many Linux and Windows computers using the GRUB2 bootloader open to attack. After acquiring the maker of the Focals smart glasses recently, Google is bricking users’s hardware and offering refunds with just a few days notice. And with Samsung’s August 5th event just a week away, details about the […]

Lilbits 6-11-2020: Game Streaming expansion

Google’s Stadia game streaming platform officially works with computers, Chromecast Ultra media streamers, and a limited number of recent Android phones. But now Google has added beta/experimental support for just about any recent Android device which could turn the device already in your pocket into a game console. Stadia for phones also now includes support for […]

Unfixable vulnerability discovered in most recent Intel chips

Security researchers at Positive Technologies have discovered a security vulnerability affecting most Intel processors released in the past 5 years. Intel has already taken steps to mitigate against some possible attacks… but because the vulnerability is in the boot ROM (the first thing that loads when a chip is powered up), there’s no way to […]

Intel insecurity update: new vulnerabilities disclosed… and likely to keep popping up

It’s been almost two years since the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities affecting Intel processors and some other chips were revealed. Since then Intel has released a number of security patches meant to mitigate the effect of those vulnerabilities and the chip maker says its latest processors include hardware-based mitigations. But similar vulnerabilities keep popping up, […]

2nd-gen Amazon Fire TV can be rooted (again)

It’s been a few years since hackers discovered how to root Amazon’s 2nd-gen Fire TV the first time. But Amazon patched the vulnerability used to gain root access with a software update, starting a bit of a cat and mouse game (another root method was later discovered and then lost due to another over-the-air software […]

Google reports vulnerability in Fortnite installer for Android, Epic issues patch

You know how Epic Games decided to bring their popular game Fortnite to Android, but not to distribute it via the Google Play Store? Yeah, it turns out there was a pretty big security vulnerability in the installer, or at least the version that was made available through the Samsung Galaxy Apps store. Google discovered […]