Skype To Go lets you make cheap international calls, no app required

Skype is probably the most popular VoIP apps for making cheap or free voice calls. You can use Skype apps on Windows, Mac, or Linux computers or on a number of smartphone platforms to make free calls to other Skype users or relatively inexpensive calls to cellphone or landline numbers. But now Skype is making […]

Google Voice now open to the public

Google Voice is a service that lets you give out one phone number that people can use to ring all of your phones. Only want your work phone to ring from 9 to 5? You can adjust a setting for that. Want to be able to screen calls and send some numbers direct to voicemail? […]

Skype offers new monthly plans for dirt cheap international calls

Skype lets you make free voice and video calls to other Skyper users anywhere on the planet — assuming they have Skype installed on their computer or mobile phone. But Skype also lets you make Skype-to-Phone calls using SkypeOut credits. You can either pay by the minute or purchase a monthly plan. Up until now, […]