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Microsoft Cortana assistant for Android leaked a bit early

Microsoft’s Cortana software is a digital personal assistant that can respond to voice or text commands or questions. First introduced for Windows Phone, Cortana will be a key component of Windows 10 when it launches July 29th. Cortana is also coming to iOS and Android. And if you don’t feel like waiting for Microsoft to officially release […]

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Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant becomes a platform with dev tools, third-party hardware support

Amazon is opening up the Alexa voice service that powers its Amazon Echo connected speaker thingamajig, and it’s doing it in a big way. First, the company has launched a software developer kit that lets anyone create apps that can tap into the cloud-based voice service, which could bring new functionality to the Echo. Second, […]

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Cortana to have dedicated button on Toshiba’s Windows 10 PCs

Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistant can search the web for you, help you set reminders or make appointments, save notes, and do many other things. You can use it by typing a request or by talking to you device. And while Cortana debuted as a Windows Phone feature, it’s baked into Windows 10, which means it’s […]

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Hound is an Android voice search app on steroids (from makers of SoundHound)

Google’s Voice Search tool for Android lets you ask Google all sorts of questions: you can check the time, weather forecast, movie showtimes, and more. But the makers of the SoundHound app (which uses audio recognition to tell you what song is playing nearby) think there’s room for a voice search app that can do […]

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New Roku 3 media streamer supports voice search

Roku has updated its line of media streaming devices. Blogger Dave Zatz discovered new versions of the Roku 2 and Roku 3 on sale at a Best Buy store, featuring a slightly updated design, the same prices as their predecessors, and a few significant changes… including an “enhanced remote control” with support for voice search functionality […]

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Microsoft Torque brings Bing voice search to Android phones

Microsoft’s Bing Torque Search app lets you search the web, get a weather forecast, calculate math problems, or perform other actions using your voice. Torque launched in October as an app for Android Wear smartwatches. Now it’s available for Android phone as well. All you need to do to start Torque is shake your phone […]

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Google Voice Search for Android now lets you speak in up to 5 languages

Google’s Search app for Android lets you search the web, ask questions, set alarms, and perform other actions just by talking to your phone. Now Google’s making it easier for folks who speak more than one language to use the feature. Up until recently the Voice Search function has only been able to recognize one language […]

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Lilbits (11-26-2013): Cheaters never win (unless they’re not caught)

Want to know which phone, tablet, or PC has the fastest processor? You might turn to benchmarking tests like Antutu or 3DMark. These tests don’t always paint a solid picture of real-world performance, but they can at least help you figure out which device performs certain CPU or GPU-intensive tasks the quickest. Or at least […]