Vodafone launches Ubuntu-powered Webbook netbook in South Africa

Vodafone’s South African subsidiary Vodacom is now offering customers a 10 inch netbook with an ARM-based processor and Ubuntu Linux operating system. It’s called the Vodafone Webbook and the mobile data provider is pushing it as a low cost computer for South Africans that may have had little to no access to the internet apart from cellphones. […]

Vodafone Germany launches Android tablets for subscibers

Plenty of wireless carriers are offering 3G or 4G versions of Android tablets from Samsung, Motorola, HTC, and other device makers. But Vodafone Germany is taking the unusual step of launching two new tablets under its own brand name. The Vodafone Smart Tab will come in 7 and 10 inch versions, and both are set […]

Vodafone now offering Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v in Germany

The US version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab isn’t due out until June 8th, but if you’re in Germany you can already get your hands on a 10.1 inch tablet from Samsung. The Galaxy Tab 10.1v is now available for 660 Euros from Vodafone, although you can drive down that up-front price if you sign […]

Vodafone to offer the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 for €349 to €699 in Europe

Samsung didn’t mention how much the new Galaxy Tab 10.1 will cost when the company introduced the new 10 inch Android tablet earlier this month. But now Vodafone Portugal says it will sell the tablet for €699 when it goes on sale in March. That’s apparently the unsubsidized price for a contract-free tablet, since Vodafone […]

Vodafone pulls 3G Dell Mini in Australia due to mixup

The Dell Inspiron Mini 9 is available with a 3G modem in Europe, Australia, and the US. And while you’ll have to shell out nearly $200 to get the 3G model in the US, wireless provider Vodafone has actually been susidizing the price of the netbook in Australia for customers who sign up for a […]

Vodafone to sell Dell Mini with 3G modem in Europe

European mobile carrier Vodafone has announced plans to sell Dell Inspiron Mini 9 laptop’s bundled with 3G wireless modems. The laptops will be available for purchase at Vodafone stores throughout Europe and online. The laptop should be available from Vodafone (or directly from Dell) in late September. There’s no word on exactly how much Vodafone […]