Vivaldi Mobile web browser for Android goes stable (Vivaldi 3.0 for desktop is also here)

Vivaldi is a web browser designed for folks who want to be able to customize the heck out of the tools they use to surf the web. The first version of Vivaldi for desktop computers was released in 2015, but the first public beta of Vivaldi Mobile for Android was released just last year. Now […]

Vivaldi 2.0 web browser released with data sync, UI enhancements and more customization options

It’s been a few years since the co-founder of Opera Software started a new company and launched the Vivaldi web browser aimed at power users. Today the team is releasing Vivaldi 2.0. The new version of the browser comes more than two years after the launch of Vivaldi 1.0, and it brings a lot of […]

Vivaldi web browser lets you change default search provider for Private browsing

Most modern web browsers let you choose your own default search engine. But Vivaldi is going a step further by letting you set two different default search providers: one for normal browsing, and another for private browsing. The Vivaldi blog post announcing the feature focuses on the fact that the latest version of Vivaldi sets […]

Vivaldi 1.2 web browser gets per-tab zoom, custom mouse gestures and more

The developers of the Vivaldi web browser are targeting power users, and the latest version of the browser certainly has some features aimed at people who like to customize their browsing experience. Vivaldi 1.2 adds support for editable mouse gestures, for instance. Just choose the action you want to perform like “history back,” or “close […]

Vivaldi 1.0 web browser launches, targets power users

There’s a new web browser in town, and it’s packed with geeky features like a heavily customizable user interface, support for stacking browser tabs together in groups, and support for dozens of keyboard shortcuts, quick commands, and mouse gestures. The Vivaldi web browser first launched as a public preview in early 2015. Now version 1.0 is available […]

Lilbits (7-29-2014): Why the Vivaldi open source tablet failed

Once upon a time a group of developers working on the open source KDE Plasma Active desktop environment for mobile devices figured it’d be cool if there was a tablet designed specifically to run the software. So they tried to find a device maker to offer truly open hardware with no proprietary components. It would […]

KDE team pulls the plug on the Vivaldi tablet, Improv board projects

Two attempts to bring the ethos of free software to hardware have met an end. The group of folks behind the KDE desktop environment have been trying for a few years to deliver a tablet with wouldn’t rely on proprietary software. More recently they unveiled the Improv Board, a small, cheap computer module designed to ship […]