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VirtualBox 6.0 released with improved graphics and hardware support

VirtualBox is a free and open source, cross-platform virtualization utility that works on Windows, Mac, Linux, and other operating systems. Install VirtualBox on your computer and you can use it to run an operating system-within an operating system. For example, I often use it to test Linux distributions on my Windows 10 computer without rebooting. […]

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Windows Sandbox will make running untrusted apps safer

Microsoft is introducing a new Windows 10 feature that could make it a little safer to run random programs you download from the internet. It’s called Windows Sandbox, and basically a virtual machine that lets you run applications without worrying that they’ll make changes to your core operating system files. It’s expected to be included […]

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Microsoft InPrivate Desktop feature to let you run untrusted apps in a secure, sandboxed environment

Most modern web browsers have a private browsing mode that lets you surf the web without saving any data to your history making it safe to look for birthday presents or… other things in privacy. Google calls the feature incognito mode. Mozilla calls it Private browsing. And in Microsoft’s Edge web browser, it’s called InPrivate […]

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HP kills its virtualization tool for using Win32 apps on Windows Mobile

The HP Elite x3 is one of the most powerful Windows 10 Mobile devices released to date, for what it’s worth. But while the phone has an operating system called Windows and supports Continuum, which gives you a desktop-like environment when you connect an external display, it doesn’t have native support for Windows applications developed […]

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VirtualBox 5.0 lets you drag and drop files between host, guest OS

VirtualBox is a free and open source virtualization utility that lets you run one operating system from within another. For example, you can create a virtual machine on a Windows computer and use it to install Linux Mint… or vice versa. The software is developed by Oracle, which released version 5.0 earlier this month. There […]

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Run Windows apps in the cloud with Chrome OS, VMWare

Google and VMware are taking steps to position Chromebooks and Chrome OS desktops as thin client PCs that let users run Windows apps from anywhere. The companies make the case that businesses can cut down on IT expenses this way while offering users the ability to run desktop apps as if they were web apps. […]

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Dell Wyse Cloud Connect launches for $129 (Pocket-sized thin client)

Dell’s Wyse Cloud Connect is a tiny device that lets you turn nearly any recent monitor or TV into a computer workstation… kind of. The Cloud Connect is an enterprise-friendly gadget that lets you run virtualization software, connect to cloud services, and generally access your work systems when you’re on the go. Dell says it […]

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Run Windows XP in a window on Windows 8 without paying an extra cent

Have a Windows XP app that refuses to run on your shiny new Windows 8 computer? No problem. Just fire up Windows XP in a virtual machine and run the app that way. Don’t want to pay extra for a Windows XP license? You don’t have to. Lifehacker has posted instructions for using Microsoft’s Windows […]

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Parallels Desktop 8 blurs lines between Windows 8, Mac – adds gesture support

Parallels has updated their software which lets you run Windows on Mac computers to add better support for Windows 8. Now Parallels Desktop 8 includes support for Windows 8 touchscreen  gestures and a Windows 8 Live Tile that lets you access Mac apps when you’re running Windows. The update also adds support for USB 3.0 […]