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Hands-on with the Lenovo Yoga Book

When details about Lenovo’s Yoga Book started to leak earlier this year it was clear that the laptop would feature a convertible tablet-style design. What wasn’t at all clear until Lenovo officially unveiled the Yoga Book in August was that the Yoga Book was unlike any convertible notebook you’ve ever seen before. That’s because it doesn’t […]

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SwiftKey Clarity Android keyboard features multi-word autocorrect

SwiftKey offers a third-party keyboard app for mobile devices which is designed to save you time by, among other things, predicting the next word you’ll want to type before you’ve even finished entering the current word. Now SwiftKey has a new Android app called Clarity. It’s also a keyboard app, but instead of focusing on […]

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Touchscreen keyboards? Where we’re going we don’t need touchscreens

Minuum is a virtual keyboard designed to take up as little space as possible. Right now that means you get more free space for content on a touchscreen phone or tablet. Eventually the Minuum team thinks its keyboard app could offer touchless typing on TVs or computers. The developer of Minuum currently offer an Android app […]

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Chrome OS updates point to possibility of Chrome tablets

Google’s Chrome OS is designed to run on laptops, desktops, and other devices — but there’s mounting evidence that we could eventually see Chrome OS tablets (or at least convertible notebooks). Right now there’s only one touchscreen Chromebook on the market, the $1299 Chromebook Pixel. Soon there may be more, with evidence that Acer plans […]

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Chrome OS dev channel brings a virtual keyboard for touchscreen devices

There’s only one Chromebook on the market today that features a touchscreen display. But that hasn’t stopped developers at Google for adding support for an on-screen keyboard to the latest dev channel update of Chrome OS. If you’re using a Chromebook Pixel (or another Chrome OS device, I suppose), you can now turn on the […]