NVIDIA drops Android support for older Tegra 2 development kits (updated)

  Update: Good news everyone. It looks like NVIDIA is not dropping support for older Android tablets that were based on earlier Tegra 2 designs. The company will continue to make its code and drivers available for the ViewSonic G-Tablet, Notion Ink Adam, and other older Tegra 2-based devices. All that’s changed is that NVIDIA […]

ViewSonic G Tablet w/NVIDIA Tegra 2 available for $280 today only

Woot is offering the ViewSonic G Tablet 10 inch Android tablet for $279.99 + $5 for shipping and handling today only. The tablet may not have the super high resolution display offered by the latest tablets from Motorola, Samsung, Toshiba, and others. But this little guy is a pretty capable machine, especially if you’re willing […]

Viewsonic G-Tablet does not suffer from manufacturing defect, says maker

Viewsonic’s G-tablet has gotten off to a rather bumpy start in the U.S., with Staples pulling the product from its shelves due to what the office supply chain referred to as a “manufacturing defect.” Not so fast, says Viewsonic. The company has now issued a press release stating that manufacturing isn’t the problem. Rather, it’s […]

ViewSonic G-Tablet with NVIDIA Tegra, 10 inch screen coming to America

The ViewSonic G-Tablet is a 10 inch slate computer running Google Android 2.2. It might not dual boot Windows 7 and Android like the ViewSonic ViewPad 100, but that’s because the G-Tablet has an ARM-based NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor which should offer better battery life while still providing 3D grahics acceleration and support for Flash […]