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Enable Google Talk Voice and Video chat in Chrome OS and Chromium OS

Confusingly, when Google builds a new product the company doesn’t always make sure it plays nicely with the company’s existing (and often extremely popular) offerings. Take Google Chrome, for example. When the web browser was launched (and even to this day), frustrated users still want to know why they can’t access their Google Bookmarks out-of-the-box […]

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Amazon’s upcoming Android tablet could include streaming TV and movie service

There’s a rumor floating around that Amazon could be preparing a line of Android powered tablets. The move would make a lot of sense for the company. Currently Amazon’s only consumer electronics offering is the Kindle, which allows customers to purchase and read Kindle eBooks. General purpose Android tablets would help the retailer push the […]

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Miro 4 offers cross-platform, open source iTunes alternative… when it works

The Participatory Culture Foundation has released Miro 4.0. While earlier versions of this open source media player were aimed at making it easier to find and download videos and watch internet video streams, Miro 4.0 aims to be a complete replacements for iTunes or Windows Media Player. It can handle audio and video podcasts, includes […]

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It turns out that tablets are good for content creation… sometimes

For the last few years I’ve been hearing people complain that while tablets are great for content consumption, they’re no good for content creation due to their slow processors and the lack of physical keyboards. But time and again developers have been proving us wrong by coming up with new and interesting ways for smartphone […]

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Samsung’s upcoming tablets, phones to stream video from a Samsung Smart TV

One of the things Apple has going for its tablets and smartphones is a strong infrastructure thanks to the iTunes App Store, video and music stores, and iBooks digital book store. Buy an iPad, and whether you have Mac or not, you know you can easily get plenty of content to consume on the tablet. […]

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KDDI develops tech for watching HD videos on mobile screens: Enhance!

Netbook, smartphone, and tablet makers love to point out the technology that lets you watch HD video on mobile devices. And sure, it’s handy to be able to copy your HD video collection to your portable device for viewing on the go without spending hours transcoding media files first. But let’s face it: It still […]