Playdate pre-orders begin July 29th, ships in late 2021 (handheld gaming with a hand-crank)

It’s 2021 and some handheld gaming devices have OLED displays. Others are basically full-fledged PCs running Windows or Linux. And others… have a black and white display and a hand crank. The Playdate is an unusual gaming device first unveiled in 2019, and finally going up for pre-order July 29th, 2021 at 10:00AM Pacific (1:00PM […]

Project Valhalla handheld Android game console has a “flagship” Snapdragon processor and a $199 starting price (crowdfunding)

Rumor has it that Qualcomm is working on a Nintendo Switch-like handheld game console. But Qualcomm isn’t the only company with that idea. Earlier this year details started to emerge about an upcoming handheld game console with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8xx processor, a 5.99 inch 1080p display, and a starting price of $199. The $199 […]

Taito’s Egret II Mini mini arcade cabinet has a screen that rotates and a trackball controller

Video game companies have been pushing out miniature versions of classic game systems for a few years, but the new Egret II from Japanese game publisher Taito may be one of the weirdest/most versatile to date. At first glance, it looks like a miniature version of a classic arcade game cabinet, much like SNK’s Neo […]

ONEXPLAYER Review: (Handheld gaming PC with 8.4 inch display, Intel Tiger Lake, and built-in controllers)

One Netbook’s ONEXPLAYER is a handheld computer designed for gaming.¬†It’s the latest in a line of small computers from One Netbook, but up until now the Chinese company had focused on mini-laptops, tiny clamshell-style computers with built-in keyboards. The ONEXPLAYER swaps the integrated keyboard for built-in game controllers on either side of its 8.4 inch […]

Lilbits: A Tiger Lake Chromebook, a $349 Windows on ARM laptop (maybe), and Epic put a game store in its game store

You can now buy a laptop with an Intel Tiger Lake processor, although at $569 it’s relatively pricey by Chromebook standards and with an Intel Core i3 processor and Intel UHD graphics, it’s not going to be as powerful as other upcoming models which may have Core i5 or better chips with Iris Xe graphics. […]

Lilbits: Access Linux files in Windows, sync your Steam games with Chromebooks (in the cloud)

Last month NVIDIA announced that its GeForce Now game streaming service was adding support for Chromebooks, allowing you to stream PC games through a web app, even if you’re using low-end hardware. Now NVIDIA is making it easier to access games you already own, by allowing Chromebook users to sync their Steam game libraries. Meanwhile […]

How to install Fortnite on Android (now that it’s gone from the Play Store)

The developer of the wildly popular battle royale game Fortnite launched their own battle against Apple and Google this week. In a well-orchestrated series of moves, Epic intentionally broke the rules of the App Store and Google Play, which resulted in Fortnite being kicked out of both stores… and in response Epic file lawsuits against […]