Microsoft Intelligent Speaker can generate real-time transcripts with speaker names during Teams meetings

Zoom’s earnings may have exceeded all expectations in 2020 as millions of people turned to video conferencing during the pandemic. But Zoom isn’t the only game in town, and one day meetings won’t be entirely virtual. So Microsoft is showing off a new Intelligent Speaker system designed for use in Microsoft Teams hybrid meetings where […]

Lilbits: Getting what you pay for with enthusiast-grade hardware

Pine64 has produced some of the most interesting hardware aimed at open source enthusiasts over the past few years. They’re not exactly high-performance machines, but what they are is cheap – among other things, Pine64 sells Linux smartphones for as little as $150 and Linux laptops for as little as $100. Those low prices, combined with […]

Lilbits: Raspberry Pi and PinePhone projects and making a game of conference calls

A lot of us are spending more time than ever on video conference calls these days… and one developer has found a way to alleviate the boredom. The B-REEL Meeting Intruders Chrome extension turns a Google Meet session into a game of Space Invaders, where you can zap each chat window… and if you do […]

Google Meet video conferencing goes free for everyone (Calls with up to 100 people for 60 minutes)

Video conferencing is having a moment… or a few months at least. With millions of people around the world stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, Zoom has seen an explosion of new users who are holding work meetings, birthday parties, and everything else on the internet. Rivals have been rolling out new features as […]

Facebook launches Messenger Rooms (Chat with up to 50 people, send links to non-FB users)

Video conferencing system Zoom has seen its user base explode over the past few months as millions of people stay at home to slow the spread of COVID-19. So it’s not surprising to see rivals starting to copy some of Zoom’s most popular features. Case in point — Facebook has launched a new group video […]

Amazon Chime web conferencing takes aim at WebEx, Skype, GoToMeeting

Amazon has launched a new video conferencing service called Chime. It’s basically the company’s answer to Skype for Business, WebEx, GotoMeeting, and other enterprise software that allows multiple participants to join a conference from anywhere using computers, tablets, or phones. There are Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android apps for Amazon Chime, and there’s a Chime Basic […]

Grandstream GVC3200 is an Android-based video conferencing system

Google may be positioning Chrome OS as a platform that’s suitable for video conferencing systems (if you pay $1000 or more for the right hardware). But that hasn’t stopped Grandstream from launching its own video conferencing system that runs Google’s other operating system. The Grandstream GVC3200 video conferencing system is a high-end conferencing solution that runs Android […]

Google launches Chromebox for meetings: A $999 video conferencing system

Google is launching a new video conferencing solution based on Chrome OS, Google+ Hangouts and Google Apps. It’s called Chromebox for meetings, and it’s a $999 package that companies can purchase to outfit a meeting room with video conferencing hardware or software at a fraction of the cost of some competing packages. The kit currently […]